There isn't a ton of promising news coming out of Redskins Park to start the week. Jay Gruden is done, Bruce Allen is making the same kind of tiresome remarks and Bill Callahan isn't turning to Dwayne Haskins yet.

One promising storyline to come out of a chaotic Monday in Ashburn, however, is the team's decision to elevate Kevin O'Connell to full-time play caller. Many suspected that would happen with Gruden leaving, and Callahan confirmed it in his first presser as interim coach.

"I've got a lot of faith and confidence in Kevin," Callahan told reporters. "He's a bright, young coach and he's got a bright future ahead of him. He will do a great job. He's well-prepared."

While some were hoping O'Connell would take over the entire operation instead of Callahan, this promotion is the best move for O'Connell.

Unfortunately, it looks like the 2019 Redskins are going to finish with a record that's somewhere between disappointing and frightening. Callahan explained he's going to enact some major changes, but odds are, those changes don't make much of a difference in how the next 11 games go.

So, instead of making O'Connell slog through a 2-7 swoon and have that fall largely on him and his ledger, Washington can somewhat protect their potential up-and-coming star. That's a practical reason for why this new structure makes sense.


O'Connell also has yet to run an offense on his own yet, making this the next logical step in his growth. The 34-year-old had input when Gruden was leading the unit and he handled some play calling when the QB situation fell apart in 2018, but in terms of being the guy in charge, it'll be his first exposure to that role. 

If he progresses and is able to ignite the group — and also display some chemistry with Haskins, whenever Haskins finally begins to play — then Washington can decide whether to keep moving O'Connell along.

Before investing in him to direct a roster, though, first see if he can direct the offense.