SEATTLE — The Redskins saved their season on Sunday, snatching a victory from the jaws of defeat, a reversal of the pattern of blown leads we have seen from this team in 2017.

They built early leads against the Chiefs, Cowboys and Eagles only to see them fade away. In two of those games — plus the season opener against Philly — they had a chance to win with a late drive, but that was short-circuited by turnovers and various other errors of commission and omission.

The Redskins did let the 10-2 lead that they had with just more than 10 minutes left in the third quarter slip away. Russell Wilson and company didn’t make it easy on themselves, with Wilson throwing an interception to Will Compton on their first possession after the Redskins scored and then committing 30 yards worth of penalties to help kill their next drive.

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But things eventually clicked for Seattle, and it looked like the Redskins would blow another lead. Eventually, they did. It looked like the same movie we have seen all season, and fans didn’t like the ending. But Kirk Cousins and the rest of the Washington offense wrote a different script.

The game left the Redskins in decent shape in a few different ways. Physically, they got through the game without sustaining any serious injuries, although Brian Quick could end up in the concussion protocol after getting smacked while making the catch that jump-started their game-winning drive. Perhaps the injury woes have hit rock bottom, and the health of the team will head on an upswing — although we will have to wait and see on that.


They also are in good shape in the standings. At 4-4, they are just a game out of a wild-card playoff spot. The win gives them the head-to-head tiebreaker edge over the 5-3 Seahawks. There is a long way to go before any degree of clarity comes to the playoff picture, but the Redskins are in a good enough place halfway through their season.

Perhaps most importantly, they are in better shape mentally after this win. While they came back from a smaller deficit this time, this game could be a springboard to an inspirational turnaround — just like the “You like that!” rally in the Bucs game in 2015 was. They won six of their last nine after that to finish 9-7, taking the NFC East title.

With the Eagles already sitting on seven wins the division may be out of reach. But the Redskins have a chance to make things interesting into late December, something that would have been unlikely if they had not rallied in Seattle on Sunday.

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