Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray had to prove to scouts that he was tall enough to be a quarterback in the NFL. 

He accomplished that.

Almost a week removed from the NFL Combine, Murray will now have to prove that he has the moxie to be the leader of an NFL team after sources of NBC Sports Washington's Charley Casserly came away from Murray's team interviews thoroughly unimpressed.

"Well, the interviews, [I] talked to multiple teams, and it wasn't very good," Casserly said Wednesday on 106.7 The Fan's Sports Junkies. "I'm not going to give you details 'cause that's confidential, but the board work, where you test the guy on his football knowledge, his knowledge of his scheme and potential of things he's seen in the NFL was not very good, at all. Seems like he's an instinctive, reactive player. You can call it street football, right, but obviously he's very good at it. The tape is very good. A lot of good things on the tape."

En route to winning the Heisman Trophy in 2018, Murray was 260-for-377 for 4,361 passing yards, 42 touchdowns and seven interception while rushing for 1,001 yards on 41 attempts and 12 touchdowns.

Those are pretty insane numbers. 

His athleticism shouldn't be in question either considering he had to make the extremely rare decision of choosing football over baseball after the Oakland A's drafted him in the first round of the 2018 MLB Draft. 


But what is in question, according to Casserly's sources, is Murray's off the field characteristics.

"You question his leadership ability. You question his work ethic," Casserly added. "Those are the things that came out of the interviews. And it was multiple people. I mean, it wasn't just one team. So to me, he failed the interview."

Murray isn't the first player who attended the combine and has had to prove scouts and owners wrong. Just last year, first-overall pick Baker Mayfield had to dodge Johnny Manziel comparisons leading up to the draft, and considering the success of his rookie season, those critics are probably kicking themselves right now. 

With experience as general manager of the Houston Texans and Washington Redskins, Casserly knows this all too well. 

"Now, I can tell you other quarterbacks who've gone to the playoffs and won that failed their interview at the combine," Casserly said. "The whole key is the team's ability to adapt to what this player does and then the player's ability to focus in and work hard."

Still, Casserly feels Murray is going to have to take major strides in the leadership department. 

"Football wise, and I did too, you're going to have to figure out what [Patrick] Mahomes did. A little bit Russell Wilson and not so much Mayfield... But I said he's none of those guys when it comes to what appears to be leadership, work ethic and the ability to understand and grasp a system. Now, again, I've seen guys who've failed interviews that have won playoff games. So, it's possible."