Lamar Jackson is certainly interesting, but doesn't make sense for Redskins

Lamar Jackson makes for one of the most interesting prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft. For all 32 teams. 

ESPN's Matthew Berry reported that some Redskins personnel have interest in the former Heisman Trophy winner, and that makes sense.

Certain folks involved in the Redskins offices do have interest in Lamar Jackson, sources have confirmed with NBC Sports Washington. 

But let's be clear: That doesn't mean Jackson makes sense for the Redskins with the 13th overall pick in the draft. 

Going into the draft, the Washington Redskins need to examine every prospect and consider how that player could make the team better. 

Jackson, with an incredible skillset of speed, elusiveness and arm strength, could make the Redskins better. His dynamic talents, combined with Jay Gruden's creative offensive mind, could dream up some wild schematic advantages. 


Now, pick your jaws up off the floor Redskins fans. This is where the dream scenario ends. 

The Redskins traded a third-round pick AND Kendall Fuller to Kansas City to acquire Alex Smith. The Smith trade gives Washington stability at quarterback, and one Redskins offensive coach said they "love" the move. Additionally, two different Redskins coaches said they "hated" giving up Kendall Fuller. 

The decision to go get Smith was not done without careful consideration. 

And drafting Jackson would run counter to that decision. 

Washington will be paying Smith for at least three seasons; the one year he has left on his contract from Kansas City and certainly the first two fully guaranteed years of the contract extension he signed with Washington. 

That means Smith will be on the Redskins payroll making more than $20 million in 2020, and maybe beyond. 

Jackson would be a luxury, and the Redskins have too many needs to pay up for a luxury. 


Does drafting a late-round, developmental QB make sense for the Redskins. Sure, maybe. 

Does drafting Lamar Jackson in the first round make sense for the Redskins? Nope. 

Due diligence is a key phrase.

The Redskins' front office owe to their fans to perform due dillegence on every draft prospect. Jackson is an undeniable talent, and could make the 'Skins better. 

He's also a young man that has been unequivocal about playing quarterback, and only quarterback. Rightfully so.

Should he come to Washington, he would not be the starting QB. And that seems like it would be a problem. 

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