No one is more excited to be a Washington Redskin than veteran safety Landon Collins.

Collins joined Omar Ruiz on Ian Rapoport's "Rapsheet + Friends" podcast to discuss his excitement to be a part of the Redskins as well as playing with Dwayne Haskins.

“I’m excited to have him," Collins said. “I thought he was going to the Giants honestly...When I saw we picked him up I was like, we just stole the best quarterback.”

The Redskins have been a favorite team of Collins's since he first started playing football because of his idol, Sean Taylor.

“Honestly, I love the organization,” Collins said. “It’s a team I’ve wanted to go to from the beginning and it’s only really because of my idol, my guy, my all-time favorite player.”

Soon after Collins signed with the Redskins back in March, Dan Snyder presented the safety with a signed Sean Taylor jersey.

Collins tries to emulate his playing style off of the hard hits and big playmaking that Taylor was so famous for. As a defensive unit with the addition of Montez Sweat and his former Alabama teammate Reuben Foster, Collins is looking forward to the upcoming season.

"As a whole, we’re gonna be top, we’re gonna be the top defense," Collins said. “We got a great D-Line, we got cornerbacks that can cover, linebackers that can run up and down the field so, from that standpoint, I feel like we’re gonna be dangerous.”