Many back-and-forths on Twitter are inane and shouldn't be talked about outside of that platform. When athletes engage with fans, though, it can be entertaining and even insightful.

That's what happened with Landon Collins on Tuesday.

To help pass the time in this weird world everyone's currently living in, the Redskins safety answered a ton of #AskLandon questions. Here is a collection of his best responses:

Landon compliments a fellow DB:

Landon takes issue with how Madden views him, becoming the 8,459th player to do so since the game came out:

Landon discusses how he likes his grits: 

Landon explains he still wants to wear Sean Taylor's number, which the franchise has kept off-limits since 2007:

Landon just BURIES Giants GM Dave Gettleman, who let him walk last offseason: 

Landon expresses excitement over the team's scheme switch on defense:

Landon sets his sights on a bounce-back 2020 for the Burgundy and Gold:

Landon seems to take another shot at Gettleman:

Landon touches on the thought of Chase Young becoming a Redskin:

Landon praises Ron Rivera:

Landon says he likes the way his secondary is coming together:

Landon compliments a fan's random hat:

Landon gives thoughts on the future of Dwayne Haskins: 

Landon shouts out Jimmy Moreland yet again:

And lastly, Landon indicates he hasn't caught the Tiger King bug yet, somehow: