Redskins' rookie quarterback, Dwayne Haskins is a nice guy, but if you're wearing the wrong jersey don't expect that treatment. 

During the pregame warmups, Haskins decided to show the fans some love and sign autographs before heading back into the locker room. As Haskins got to his last autograph, he grabbed a pen, prepared to sign, but then he abruptly stopped after reading a poster that said "Redskins who?"

The board belonged to a young Cowboys fan, and his father.

No and no. 

Haskins politely walked away with a smile while the fan pleaded "C'mon, don't do me like that!"

Ironically, Cowboys defensive end, DeMarcus Lawrence has been in the headlines all week after refusing to sign the jersey of a young Giants fan. 

Although Haskins is yet to see any regular-season action thus far, he already has a major portion of the Redskins' off-field playbook down.