It's not a requirement at this point, but if you want to be an NFL head coach, working on the offensive side as an assistant for the Washington Redskins at some point in your career sure does seem to help.

On Monday night, the Packers reportedly offered Titans offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur the chance to take over in Green Bay. Every indication is that LaFleur will be the man to replace Mike McCarthy.

If you're a fan of the Burgundy and Gold who thinks that name sounds familiar, that's because it is familiar. LaFleur coached quarterbacks for the Redskins from 2010-2013 under Mike Shanahan and worked closely with Kyle Shanahan in D.C., too.

The younger Shanahan, of course, now runs things in San Francisco. Also a part of that staff, and another former 'Skins assistant who has moved into the head coaching ranks? Sean McVay.

So that means three of the NFL's 32 coaching jobs are now occupied by guys who recently helped out in Washington. 

Former Redskins quarterbacks Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins took to Twitter to congratulate LeFleur on the new job title. 

LaFleur is 39, so he's older than McVay and the same age as Shanahan. He's been involved in a bunch of different roles in both college and the pros, and it's clear the Packers liked what he's done as offensive coordinator with the Rams and Titans the past two seasons enough to trust him as their main man.


He'll now be paired up with Aaron Rodgers, and how well they get along will largely determine whether this was the right hire or not. Everyone's looking for the next McVay, and in LaFleur, Green Bay is hoping they found him.

NBC Sports Washington's Lisa Redmond contributed to this story.