Any time the Patriots pick up a player who last suited up for your team, the natural inclination is to perk up a little bit. 

Common reactions to such news include: Uh oh, New England wants him? followed by Should (insert your franchise here) have kept him instead?

Well, on Thursday, Redskins fans became the next ones to think those thoughts after the Pats scooped up receiver Maurice Harris. The 'Skins didn't tender Harris, so he was free to sign anywhere. Choosing to link up with Tom Brady seems like a fairly intelligent career move.

Now, before this situation becomes the sequel to the Simmie Cobbs Saga, remember that Harris had tons of chances to seize a permanent spot in Washington's receiving corps and, for whatever reason, never emerged as a consistent, weekly threat.

Harris was acquired as an undrafted free agent in 2016 and hauled in eight passes as a rookie. Then, in 2017, he made that absolutely mindblowing catch against the Vikings in the team's ninth contest— then had just three more grabs the rest of the way.

This past year, meanwhile, he was a star at training camp, solidifying a spot on the 53-man roster heading into Week 1. It looked like that breakout was imminent.

However, aside from a two-game stretch where he totaled 15 receptions, he couldn't make a real difference in what was a weak WR group.

Sure, you can be worried that Harris is all of the sudden destined for stardom with the Patriots. He's a big target and versatile, too, and it's not hard to imagine him figuring things out with the best franchise in the sport.


But if he does, you can't hold too much vitriol toward the Redskins. They were the ones who initially found him coming out of school and gave him three campaigns to blossom. Unfortunately, it just wasn't meant to be in D.C.