Someone was feeling very brave in Mike Tomlin's Tuesday press conference, apparently.

After the Redskins fired Jay Gruden on Monday, everyone immediately began listing out possible candidates to take over the team in 2020 (including this website), and Mike Tomlin made many of those lists. In fact, there are some early rumors that Washington is especially targeting Tomlin.

Problem is, Tomlin is currently running the Steelers and will be for at least a few more months, but that didn't stop one reporter from already asking the coach about his name being tied to the Burgundy and Gold.

His response began with a pretty serious shake of the head, and as he worked through it, his voice grew more stern and more annoyed. Watch it for yourself:

"I'm the head coach of a 1-4 football team that's going on the road to play a Hall of Fame quarterback with a third-string quarterback," he said in part. "Do you think I'm worried about anything other than that."

An underrated part of the entire exchange comes at the end, when an off-camera PR person asks if there were any more questions. Nobody else had one, so Tomlin looks around and then lets out one of the more intense thank yous you'll ever hear.

So, here are the things Tomlin appears worried about: Playing the Chargers on Sunday. And here are the things Tomlin doesn't appear worried about: Coaching the Redskins.


Glad that's cleared up for everyone.