Montez Sweat's rookie season with the Redskins hasn't been Pro Bowl-caliber like some thought it could be. He has 2.5 sacks in nine games, which is fine but certainly not the kind of difference-making amount the team expected when they took him in the first round.

Know what's beyond fine, though? Like, well beyond fine?

The following Old Spice ad that features Sweat. A few of these have made the rounds now, but this particular one, which Sweat tweeted on Monday night, is the most bizarre and the most exceptional:

There are underrated parts that are fun, like the minimal effort Sweat's putting in while doing those pulldowns. He was probably able to do that exercise with those weights when he was seven years old.

Then there are the very obvious parts that are fun, like when Sweat is propelling himself in the air with Old Spice spray and then fending off theoretical sweat with those canisters. (That, by the way, is the kind of sentence journalism schools are meant to fuel.)

Upon seeing it, Dwayne Haskins offered up a simple yet very relatable review:


If there was an award for Best Actor In A Personal Hygiene Product Commercial That's Based On A Name Pun, Sweat would have it locked up thanks to his performance. In fact, the next time he sacks a QB, he should re-enact the entire thing.