With Jay Gruden's time as Redskins coach officially over, people should expect plenty of stories and sources coming out over the next few days explaining what things were like for the Redskins under him.

One of the more inflammatory claims dropped on Monday morning came from ESPN's Josina Anderson, who posted this tweet:

Now, Anderson and her source didn't indicate who was allegedly using their phones at practice. Was it a player, a coach, or someone else?

Regardless, when Morgan Moses joined The Sports Junkies a few hours after Gruden was let go, he was asked to address that report and whether any Redskin had been doing that lately.

"Is that possible?" Eric Bickel of the Junkies said.

"I don't know where that source is coming from," Moses responded. "Obviously, Jay is a player's coach. He's a guy that takes care of the players, when we're banged up, he alters practice and stuff. That way we're not beating each other up."

"I think that's just blowing smoke," he continued. "Jay has a lot of integrity. He comes into the building, he works his tail off. He's a great head coach."


Bickel then pushed Moses to clarify. 

"No players are on their phones during walkthrough?" 

"No, no, not at all," Moses said. "Not at all."

Perhaps Moses is right and that allegation is completely unfounded. Or maybe Moses is right, that no players were on their phones, but some other member of the organization was. Or it's possible, of course, the report is true and Moses is just protecting his ex-coach.

None of that matters too much anymore, though, considering Gruden is finished. The leaks about his tenure, meanwhile, likely aren't.