During the Redskins blowout loss to the Jets on Sunday, cameras captured rookie Dwayne Haskins pleading to his offensive linemen, asking "What do I have to do to help you?" 

The moment went viral on social media, as many people had differing opinions on the exchange.

On the surface, it appears as if the Redskins offensive linemen weren't interested in listening to Haskins. The team was down big to a previously two-win Jets team, and the rookie quarterback had not played well.

But Redskins right tackle Morgan Moses, when asked on The Sports Junkies about the interaction, said that wasn't it at all. The veteran explained why he wasn't bothered by Haskins' pep talk, regardless of what the footage may show.

"He's a young quarterback. He's only had two starts. So he's filled with a lot of emotion," Moses said. "That's why you see me talking to him after the fact that he came over there and said what he had to say. He asked us, 'What can I do to help you guys?' In that moment, it wasn't him coming out there and chewing us out or anything like that. I understood where he was coming from."

Moses explained that the Jets defense, who's coordinator Gregg Williams is famous for bringing pressure and blitzing, ran several different stunts and formations that may have confused Haskins. 

"As a young quarterback, and you have an exotic defense like that, you have a star safety [Jamal Adams] that's in the box, he's out the box, he's a hell of a playmaker," Moses said. "[Haskins is] trying to figure out where he's at. It's almost like he comes over there and is asking, truly, like 'Hey man, what can I do?' Because he probably doesn't understand everything that's happening.


"Obviously, he's looking downfield, looking for open receivers and things like that," Moses continued. "So when you get sacked, you're like 'Where is he coming from?' Simply, when there's a five-man protection and they're bringing seven, somebody is going to be free."

The Jets defense had their way with Haskins and the Redskins offense for much of the game. The rookie was sacked six times and was unable to put together much of anything before falling down 31 points in the fourth quarter. Two late TDs made the margin appear closer than the game truly was, and Haskins knows he has to play better.

Moses understands that Haskins has gone through things as a rookie that most players don't usually deal with. The right tackle has high hopes for Haskins, and praised No. 7's drive and willingness to get better.

"To give credit to the kid, he's a hell of a football player," Moses said. "He's in there willing to learn, he wants to learn, he wants to be great. He's playing through a lot of things that normal quarterbacks, rookie quarterbacks don't play through. His head coach got fired after a couple of weeks, and things like that. For him, he's just trying to find his way. We just have to do a better job of helping him find his way as well."