In his preseason debut on Thursday, Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins Jr. had his ups and downs in the team's 30-10 defeat to the Cleveland Browns.

The Ohio State product finished 8-14 for 117 yards with two interceptions while adding an additional 17 yards via his legs.

While Haskins showed flashes of what he's capable of, the two interceptions are what stood out to many. But after analyzing Haskins' performance, many members of the national media were impressed by what they saw, not disappointed.

NBC Sports analyst and former NFL quarterback Chris Simms was impressed by Haskins' arm strength, something Simms emphasized that "puts tremendous pressure on a defense." Additionally, Haskins showed he's a lot more mobile than his 5.04 40-yard dash time from the combine, Simms impressed with his movement and mobility as well.

Simms wasn't the only media member impressed with the rookie QB. NFL Network's Brian Baldinger said Haskins "competed like crazy" in his preseason debut.

"[Haskins] made a lot of good throws," Baldinger tweeted. "[He] took some hits. Scrambled for some yards and made a couple of mistakes but I saw talent and fire and touch. Lots to like much to learn."

In what may look like just a typical crossing route to a casual viewer, NFL Network's Charley Casserly described this play from Haskins as a brilliant understanding from the rookie being able to read the field.


Casserly praised Haskins for reading the defense and pass rush correctly, then being able to shuffle and reset his feet in order to deliver an accurate ball to the open receiver.

Despite the two ugly interceptions, Pro Football Focus' Sam Monson was impressed with Haskins and said it's far too early to panic about the rookie just yet.

"We saw an impressive crispness. We saw him able to anticipate where his receivers were going to be," Monson said. "We saw some decent throws on rollouts. His first throw of the game was on a rollout play-action pass, and we saw him deliver the ball where it needs to go."

Haskins' first pass was an example of him showing what he's capable of, while the two interceptions proved he still has a ways to go before he becomes the Redskins' starter. Remember, he's still a rookie, and he started just one full season at Ohio State. 

It's important the Redskins stay patient with their rookie QB because many people see glimpses of what the future could look like with Haskins if they do.