Here is what you need to know on this Sunday, July 1, 25 days before the Washington Redskins start training camp.  

The Redskins by the numbers

Here are a few statistical odds and ends to pass along today:

15—The number of years since the Redskins last avoided double-digit losses for four years in a row. 

A year ago, we were looking at the possibility of the Redskins posting having three straight winning seasons for the first time since 1990-1992. But their two-game “streak” of winning seasons came to an end with their 7-9 record last year. It doesn’t require much in the way of hops to get over this bar and if the Redskins don’t there could be a lot of changes in store. 

36.7%—The percentage of third downs that Redskins opponents converted last year. 

That ranked a respectable ninth in the NFL. One area where they greatly improved was on third and long, which was a cause of great agony in 2016. Opponents converted on third and seven or longer an astonishing 41.5 percent of the time. That was the worst in the NFL by five percentage points. Last year they cut that almost in half, allowing 22.4 percent of third and long plays to be converted. 

2—The number of streaks the Redskins had last year where they rushed for less than 100 in a game. 

They missed going for 100 each game from Week 6 to Week 10 and then from Week 13 to Week 17. Since 2010 they have had one longer stretch without breaking 100 yards rushing, a six-game skid in 2011. They went 2-3 during each of those five-game stretches. The Redskins ran for over 100 yards in five games last year and they went 3-2, losing tough road games to the Chiefs and Saints. It’s a passing league but you still need to run the ball to win. 


14—The number of fumbles the Redskins lost last year. 

This was tied with the Rams and Raiders for the most in the league. Kirk Cousins lost five fumbles, tied for fifth-most in the league. Jamison Crowder lost three, one on a play from scrimmage and two on punt returns. Vernon Davis, Chris Thompson, and Samaje Perine were charged with two lost fumbles each to make the total 14. 

65.6%—The percentage of the offensive plays that the Redskins lined up in 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WR) last year. 

This information was compiled by Football Outsiders, the creators of the gold standard DVOA metric. The 11 lineup is the dominant one in the NFL; it is the personnel formation on 59.3 percent of the snaps. Their DVOA in 11 personnel was 1.0 percent, 20thin the league. The Redskins were one of seven teams that ran fewer than seven plays in 21 personnel (2 RB, 1 TE).

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Days until:

—Training camp starts (7/26) 25
—Preseason opener @ Patriots (8/9) 39
—Roster cut to 53 (9/1) 62

The Redskins last played a game 182 days ago. They will open the 2018 NFL season at the Cardinals in 70 days. 

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