Here is what you need to know on this Saturday, October 6, two days before the Washington Redskins visit the New Orleans Saints.  

Talking points

A look at some of the most popular posts and hottest topics of the week on Real Redskins and NBC Sports Washington.

The Redskins’ path to 10 wins—We will know a lot more about this team after Monday night. It’s an important game but it’s not make or break. They could lose and still go on to have a successful season. How, you ask? Check out the post. 

First look at Redskins vs. Saints—As I’ve dug a little further into the matchups I’m thinking that the Redskins have more than the “on any given Sunday” (or, in this case, Monday) chance of winning this game. The Saints’ defense is bad. Yes, it’s a small sample size but they are giving up more yards per pass attempt than Drew Brees is making. If the Redskins can move the ball consistently and get touchdowns in the red zone and not field goals, they will have a very good chance of sending the Superdome crowd him stunned. 

In the early going the Redskins’ defense is looking a lot like it did last year—It’s too early to draw any great conclusions about the Redskins’ defense but the trends have it looking a lot like the unit we saw last year. That group had a strong pass defense and a subpar rushing defense. The thing about the rushing defense is that they really haven’t been gashed by the running game like they were last year. The most they have given up in a game this year is 104 yards; they gave up more than that 10 times in 2017. 


Peterson, Smith leading the over-30 club for the Redskins—The Redskins are right about in the middle of the pack in terms of average age. Usually, average means that you have a number of youthful players (the Redskins have Daron Payne, 21, Montae Nicholson, 22, Jonathan Allen, 23, and a few others not old enough to rent a car from most companies) and a few over the age of 30. Included in that group in Washington are starting quarterback Alex Smith and tight end Vernon Davis, both 34, and running back Adrian Peterson, 33. Check the post and accompanying video for a look at how they help the team win. 

Tweet of the week

Fourth? Really? No way!

That was the reaction of most of the 627 fans who replied to this tweet. I assume that most of the people who follow me are Redskins fans, so a lot of that reaction was from the fan base. 

I agree that such a ranking seems too lofty for this team, which has had some impressive moments along with some ugly ones on the way to going 2-1. However, I am not sure that it’s wildly out of place. They are ninth in Football Outsiders’ DVOA rankings. Their point differential is +6.7 per game, sixth in the league. Both of those metrics are good indicators of team success. 

Still, the Redskins haven’t done enough yet to be considered the fourth-best team in the league. In the next three weeks, however, they have a chance to make a move. If they win two out of their upcoming games against the Saints, Panthers, and Cowboys, they could change the way just about everyone views them. Well, except maybe Benjamin Albright. He will have been right all along. 

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