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Need to Know: The Redskins week that was — Is this why Ryan Kerrigan has no sacks?

Need to Know: The Redskins week that was — Is this why Ryan Kerrigan has no sacks?

Here is what you need to know on Monday, October 1, seven days before the Washington Redskins visit the New Orleans Saints.  

Talking points

A look at some of the most popular posts and hottest topics of the week on Real Redskins and NBC Sports Washington.

Fantasy Football: Week 4 rankings — Yes, we have fantasy rankings and analysis. Ben Standing, doing some moonlighting from his regular job at The Sports Capitol, brings you some quality data to help you set your lineups. 

5 observations from the Redskins' Week 3 win — The key observation here is that Adrian Peterson got back on track. I had to laugh at people saying that all of a sudden, he looked all of his 33 years against the Colts when he picked up just 20 yards rushing in 11 carries. That was lazy analysis; he had nowhere to run. Peterson had holes against Green Bay and he hit them. All of a sudden, he’s back in his prime—until the next time the O-line has trouble creating running room for him. 

Allen, Payne and Ioannidis are changing the Redskins D — The Redskins have seven sacks this year and all but one of them comes from the defensive line. The pressure from the edge will come. 

The Redskins are just as confused as Clay Matthews — The NFL didn’t change the wording of the rushing the passer rule that has caused so much controversy. But after Matthews was flagged for what nearly everyone, including “victim” Alex Smith, thought was a 15-yard flag for making a normal tackle, there has been change nonetheless. The interpretation will change including saying that the referee has to be absolutely certain that all of the defender’s body weight fell on the quarterback. In short, enforcement shifts from throwing the flag if there is any doubt to letting it go if the official isn’t sure. 

Tweet of the week

I’m not sure if a flag got thrown in this picture from USA Today Sports Media. There could well have been one as Green Bay was called for offensive holding six times against the Redskins. One was declined so the tally was five accepted for 50 yards. 

Some fans who replied to this tweet were critical of Kerrigan, saying that he just needs to deal with it and get through to the quarterback anyway. Maybe, but holding like that is illegal for a reason; it’s almost impossible to get past a lineman doing that. 

But he still somehow got 13 sacks last year. That’s good production. It’s not elite production but Kerrigan isn’t an elite edge rusher and he isn’t paid like one. Eleven other edge rushers have a higher 2018 cap number than Kerrigan does and the $11.5 million average annual value of his current deal ranks 17th among edge rushers. At those numbers, you could argue that he’s a good value at his current number. 

I get the “what have you done lately” aspect here and obviously he has to get the quarterback down a few times over the next few weeks. We will see how it all plays out. 

The agenda

Today: Practice 11:00; Jay Gruden press conference after practice, approx. 1:00

Upcoming: Redskins @ Saints (October 8) 7 days; Panthers @ Redskins 13; Cowboys @ Redskins 20

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Fantasy Football: Waiver Wire adds for Week 11

Fantasy Football: Waiver Wire adds for Week 11

Week 11 has arrived and the waiver wire is getting slimmer and slimmer.

With four teams on a bye, (Sattle Seahawks, New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, Tennessee Titans) there are a few replacements available that you can be confident in adding to your lineup.

All Waiver Wire candidates must be available in at least 50% of ESPN leagues.

WEEK 11 Waiver Wire Options

Kyle Allen, QB, Carolina Panthers 
Opponent: vs. Falcons
Available in 89.8% of ESPN leagues

Derek Carr, QB, Oakland Raiders
Opponent: vs. Bengals
Available in 63.4% of ESPN leagues

Derrius Guice, RB, Washington Redskins
Opponent: vs. Jets
Available in 61.5% of ESPN leagues

Devin Funchess, WR, Indianapolis Colts
Opponent: vs. Jaguars
Available in 95.2 % of ESPN leagues

O.J. Howard, TE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Opponent: vs. Saints
Available in 55.4% of ESPN leagues

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Brandon Scherff could very well ask for a contract that tops the one Brandon Brooks just signed

Brandon Scherff could very well ask for a contract that tops the one Brandon Brooks just signed

On Monday, one Brandon in the NFL signed a deal that another Brandon in the NFL absolutely noticed.

The first Brandon is Brandon Brooks, a guard whom the Eagles gave a four-year contract extension worth just more than $56 million that'll kick in starting in 2021. His current agreement with Philadelphia runs until 2020 and carries remaining base salaries of $8 million and $7.5 million.

The second Brandon is Brandon Scherff, also a guard and one who's scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent in a few months. If Scherff truly gets a chance to negotiate with the Redskins or on the open market, he'll likely look for something very close to or even exceeding the numbers Brooks got from Philly.

Brooks' extension has a $14.05 million annual value, which slots just ahead of the Cowboys' Zach Martin when it comes to the highest-paid guards in the sport. Scherff absolutely deserves to ink something that puts him right next to those players, if not ahead of Brooks and all others at the position.

One thing that works in No. 75's favor is his age. Scherff is about to turn 28 years old. Brooks, meanwhile, is already 30. Washington's lineman should have plenty of productive campaigns in his future, wherever that future is. 

Another interesting similarity between Brooks and Scherff is their durability. Both have have returned from a significant injury they suffered in 2018 — Scherff tore his pectoral, while Brooks tore his Achilles — that look like outliers in otherwise reliable careers.  

Scherff is certainly in the same realm when it comes to talent and production as Brooks, too. They've each earned two Pro Bowl nods, and while Brooks may be thought of as the best guard in the league, Scherff isn't far behind.

Plus, as anyone who's followed NFL contracts this decade knows, it often doesn't really matter if the next elite guy to sign is truly better, it just matters that he's elite and he's next to sign.

Those are all factors Scherff could point to when it's time for him to cash in. When will that time come, though?

The Burgundy and Gold, who reportedly offered Scherff an extension worth $13 million a year this past September that didn't really do much for the 2015 first-rounder, could franchise tag him if they want. That move, of course, would be profitable for Scherff but limit his ability to negotiate. 

Now, whether the Redskins go that route or give him something more stable, it's hard to imagine them letting him get away. Trent Williams will very likely never suit up for Washington again, and having to roll out an offensive line in 2020 without Williams and Scherff would be a very unfortunate situation.

Scherff, however, will likely make the organization pay up to ensure that doesn't happen. He said in October he hopes to be a Redskin until he retires, but it doesn't appear he'll do that on a discount. With the way he's played and how his peers are being compensated, he shouldn't have to, either.