Here is what you need to know on this Tuesday, February 6, 36 days before NFL free agency starts.


Days until:

—NFL Combine (3/1) 23
—NFL Draft (4/26) 79
—2018 NFL season starts (9/9) 215

What the Redskins can learn from the Super Bowl

The 2019 Super Bowl odds are out. According to, the favorites to win Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta about a year from now are the New England Patriots at 5/1, followed by the Packers and Eagles and 9/1. The Redskins? They’re down with the Giants in the bottom 10 at 50/1, behind the 18/1 Cowboys.

Since those odds are out, it can’t be too early to get out the $100 in imaginary poker chips and put them down on how the Redskins might finish the coming season. Here we go!

0-6 wins, $10—They got Alex Smith precisely because they wanted to stay out of this territory. They will be getting a good influx of talent off of the injured reserve list and at least a few of last year’s 10 draft picks should step up and contribute more. That should keep them out of double-digit loss territory for a fourth straight season for the first time since 1999-2002.

7-8 wins, $35—This is basically stuck in neutral, the same as the last couple of seasons. This could happen if Smith has a tough time adjusting to the offense and to his new receivers and the defense struggles as it did in the latter part of the season.


9-10 wins, $45—Yeah, I know it’s not very bold here to have the bulk of the money sitting somewhere in the middle. I put a little bit more here because the schedule, while far from soft, does not at this moment appear to be the meat grinder that the 2017 schedule was. And with even an average number of injuries instead of the 2017 debacle in the health department, they should be able to add a few wins to their total from last year.

11+ wins, $10—This can happen if Smith is better than expected, if the Redskins can assemble some sort of consistent rushing attack, if the defensive line adds a couple of studs and becomes dominant and if, well, a few other ifs go in the right direction. Perhaps the bet here will increase when doing this exercise again after free agency or the draft. But for right now, it looks like their drought of not winning 11 or more games in a season for 28 years, the longest such drought in the NFL, will continue.

Breaking out a separate $100 in imaginary chips, I’ll put $60 on them missing the playoffs, $30 on them making the playoffs and going one and done, and $10 on them winning a playoff game for the first time since 2005. Again, odds can and probably will change between now and the start of the season.  

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