The NFL announced the 2018 salary cap and the good news was there really wasn’t any news.

The preliminary estimates that came out earlier this year figured that the cap would come in at $178 million, up from $162 million in 2017. The actual number will be $177.2 million.

That’s $800,000 less than expected but it’s in the ballpark and that is what teams want. They base their budgets on the estimates and a few seasons the preliminary numbers were low, creating some late scrambling.

The Redskins’ actual cap number will be $178.7 million as they will carry over about $1.5 million from last year. That’s a small carryover, created in part because the Redskins had to pay players on an injured reserve list that numbered 20 by the end of the season.

The Redskins now have $47.7 million in salary cap space. However, that number will fall by about $17 million on March 14 when the Alex Smith trade becomes official and his $17 million contract hits the books. They still will have about $31 million in cap space after accounting for the departure of Kendall Fuller from the cap calculations. Only 12 other NFL teams have more cap space.


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