The NFL and NFL Players Association came to an agreement on Monday how to handle the league's offseason program and minicamps in response to the novel coronavirus.

Virtual offseason programs are allowed to begin on Monday, April 20. Such activities include "classroom instruction, workouts, and nonfootball educational programs using Skype or any other appropriate platform," according to the NFL's release.

However, no on-field activity can begin until all 32 teams are able to reopen their facilities, as the NFL is adamant that no club will have an advantage over another in terms of extra field reps.

The reopening of team facilities will follow the NFL protocols and federal, state and local rules and regulations.

Despite the alterations to the league's offseason program, player participation remains voluntary. Players are not required to participate in offseason programs until their respective team's mandatory minicamp, which will happen at some point in June, if possible.

The virtual program will last three weeks and must end no later than May 15. Teams are allowed to send players workout equipment in the meantime, too. All offseason programs, including mandatory minicamps, must end no later than June 26.

The Redskins were expected to begin their offseason program on Monday, April 6, as teams with a new head coach are given a few extra weeks. But the pandemic prevented such from happening, and many of the Redskins new free agent signings have yet to even receive an iPad or any team equipment and files.



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