The NFL stated Thursday that a designated replay official will handle instant replay reviews of both offensive and defensive pass interference after the two-minute warning in each half as well as in overtime. 

All 32 NFL teams were notified of the update on instant replay review of PI and will have one week to give feedback before the rule change is communicated.

At the NFL's annual league meeting back in March, the rule proposal was made and approved in the events that occurred in the NFC Championship Game late in the 4th quarter resulting in the New Orleans Saints missing out on a Super Bowl appearance.

While no rule alterations will ever gain 100% approval from the players, one of the league's most outspoken defensive backs stated his opposition to the update. Redskins' star Josh Norman took issue with the rule change in regards to how the new provision will "change the game."

"We're playing an imperfect game and trying to make it perfect," Norman said. "There is always going to be human error, and you can't do anything about that."

Whether the players agree or not, the rule comes into effect this fall for the 2019 season.