Washington Football

Washington Football

When the NFL season kicks off later this year, the league is still expecting to have full stadiums, according to one top NFL executive.

"We are planning to have full stadiums until the medical community tells us otherwise," NFL EVP of Football Operations Troy Vincent said on "The Brian Mitchell Show" on The Team 980 on Friday. "Now remember when we're talking -- we're talking about September, August, September. So there's a lot that can happen here. So we're planning for full stadiums.

"We also know that we have to plan for half stadiums. Three-quarters. So we're planning for all of these different scenarios. But first and foremost, we're making every effort, working with the medical community, if we can have those stadiums with all people until they tell us otherwise when that time comes, that's our plan. That's our plan of action."

His interview came hours after the Steelers' director of communications said the team was only selling 50 percent of individual game tickets for the 2020 season to prepare for potential social distancing guidelines.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the NFL has, like many corporations, gone to a remote work environment. The league held the draft as scheduled -- though NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced the picks from his basement. But the schedule was released on time and NFL executives have continued to say that the league will start on time, barring any opposing advice from the medical community and changes in the pandemic's trajectory. 


Vincent was also asked about reports that the league was testing new protective masks for players and officials when football returns. He said there had been a number of discussions over what protective equipment everyone from officials to players would need and anyone else associated with the game. Specifically for the masks?

"Yes that is something that has been discussed and has been discussed at length," he said.

Mitchell then asked in a joking manner if there were large fines being discussed for if any players had the audacity to spit while on the field. 

"Stop it," Vincent said. "We don't need to go there now."

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