The Eagles intend to let Nick Foles leave via free agency this offseason, and his availability will help the Redskins in a big way.

Just not that way.

The Redskins don't have the money to sign Foles. They don't have the cap room. With just $17 million in salary cap space and having to pay Alex Smith $20 million this season even though he's unlikely to play, adding another high-priced quarterback would be bad team building. 

That doesn't mean Foles' free agency can't help Washington, though.

The Jaguars should be aggressive in their pursuit of Foles. Jacksonville has a team built to win, now, as illustrated by a 2017 appearance in the AFC title game. And there is plenty of speculation that Foles lands with the Jags, too. 

So how does Foles going to Jacksonville help the Redskins?

It's simple. 

If the Jaguars spend big money to bring Foles in, and it will require big money to land the former Super Bowl MVP, then the team won't be looking at quarterbacks in the NFL Draft.

That would mean one of the draft's best passers has one less team in the market, and in turn, could push a quarterback like Dwayne Haskins, Kyler Murray, Drew Lock or Daniel Jones closer to the Redskins when they pick at No. 15. 

NBC Sports Chris Simms suggested that Washington will have to move up in the draft to get one of the best QB prospects. If Jacksonville isn't looking for a quarterback with the No. 7 pick, maybe that pressure to move up diminishes. 


Of the teams in the Top 10 selections of the NFL Draft, there aren't that many with obvious needs at quarterback. The New York Giants and the Jaguars were the two most obvious, and if the Jags sign Foles, they're off that list.

There are other teams ahead of the Skins that could take a QB, like Denver, Miami or even the Cardinals at No. 1 overall, but none of those teams have to take a QB.

If the Redskins want Haskins, Murray, Lock or Jones, they'd be well served to see Foles sign in Jacksonville.

Less competition for quarterbacks means less need to trade up and higher chances of landing a new face of the franchise.