Trent Williams reported to the Redskins on Tuesday afternoon, and in doing so, guaranteed he wouldn't be traded in the 2019 season. 

He also guaranteed that the 2019 season would count on his contract, getting Williams one step closer to possible free agency in 2021 and removing a valuable year of control from the Redskins should a trade ever materialize in the offseason. 

Now with Williams back the plot really thickens. If things were moving like maple syrup last week, now it will be molasses. 

For months Williams has stayed away from the team. Some reports say it was a distrust of the medical staff, others say it was a fractured relationship with the front office, and some folks will tell you it's because Trent wanted a new contract. The reality is probably somewhere in the middle, but the truth is that Williams is now back with the organization. 

And the Redskins have a serious problem.

How can Williams go back and deal with the Redskins medical staff? How can a team at 1-7 look at themselves honestly and not trade a disgruntled star player? How did things get here, and can they possibly get better?

The best scenario for the Redskins is Williams comes back and says all the right things. He starts practicing. While it seems highhly unlikely he plays this week, or ever according to sources, things could play nice for a day or two.

Or the team could find some obscure list to place Williams, a spot where he can't play or practice, and just maybe, they don't have to pay him either. 


Take 100 people and ask them how things will work out between the Redskins and Williams, at this point, after eight misses gamed and the team's refusal to trade him until 36 hours before the trade deadline. Even the most bullish Redskins fan wouldn't predict great success with the team and the tackle, and most folks would expect more trouble.

The team also needs to add Williams to the active 53-man roster if the plan is for him to play in games. That will require a corresponding roster move, and on some level, an official announcement. 

In the end though, Williams squared off with the Redskins about his future. The Redskins didn't blink, didn't fold, but it doesn't seem like they made the organization better in the process. Williams showed up, at the last possible second and likely as a long-term means to leave Washington.

This was just round one of an ugly fight, and the team might have lost more than the player, but nobody won.