Thanks to his ties to Ron Rivera and knowledge of Scott Turner's system, Kyle Allen seemed like a logical quarterback for the Redskins to pursue when he hit free agency next week.

The only issue is that the Panthers didn't let Allen actually hit free agency.

On Tuesday, Carolina inked the passer to a one-year contract, removing someone Washington could've been interested in as they aim to bring in competition for Dwayne Haskins. That's something Rivera has identified as a goal on many occasions this offseason. 

Fortunately for Rivera, he'll have plenty of other names to sort through.

Someone else that Turner is familiar with is Teddy Bridgewater, who's almost certainly going to leave New Orleans now that Drew Brees is coming back for 2020. Those two were together in Minnesota for a few seasons in the mid-2010s, when Turner was QBs coach and Bridgewater was under center.

Then there are the two top picks from the 2015 NFL Draft: Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota. Interceptions will ultimately force Winston out of Tampa, while ineffectiveness led to Mariota falling out of favor in Tennessee. 

Bridgewater, Winston and Mariota would all act as threats to the starting job that Haskins currently owns, which would likely please Rivera. However, they may ultimately be too expensive for the organization, or opt to go to another team where the path to taking the first snap in Week 1 is smoother.

Ryan Tannehill, meanwhile, will either return to the Titans thanks to a new deal or a tag, or he'll attempt to build on his breakout 2019 in a different uniform. Yet that breakout effort should ultimately price him way out of what the Redskins will be willing to pay if he even makes it to the market.


Beyond those four, there's a decent drop-off in upside with the remaining options. 

Philip Rivers will head elsewhere soon, but at 38 years old, he's probably looking at a destination like Indianapolis where he can have a more realistic chance at the postseason. Plus, the Burgundy and Gold would be better off developing the promising Haskins rather than turning to the declining Rivers. 

After Rivers, there are veterans like Case Keenum, Chase Daniel, Mike Glennon and Matt Moore, who all hope to find another home in their winding NFL journeys. Keenum, of course, was a Redskin last season so he sticks out a bit, but those four and others like them fit more as backups. 

Now, one last player worth mentioning who isn't scheduled to be a free agent is Cam Newton. While reports indicate that the Panthers intend to move forward with Newton on their roster for now, there's a new coach in charge there who has no true allegiance to the former MVP, so perhaps he'll become available at some point. Rivera knows him well, so keep that in mind.

Overall, it's clear Rivera hopes to create a battle for Haskins as the 22-year-old enters his second go-round in the league, and while it's possible he could accomplish that through the draft, the more probable route will be through free agency.

The questions he'll face, though, will be about how much he's willing to spend and if he can convince a relatively established pro like a Bridgewater or Mariota to come to D.C with Haskins already in town.

Those guys may not be considering the Redskins at the moment. That said, with all the QB movement that could transpire in the near future — remember, Tom Brady and Dak Prescott are in uncertain places as well — the Redskins might eventually end up being one solid signal caller's best spot.