Quarterback is without a doubt the most important position on an NFL team, and when the NFL Draft rolls around each April, college prospects under center naturally garner the most attention.

While Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray and Ohio State's Dwayne Haskins have stolen pre-draft headlines, there are several late-round prospects vying for their spot on an NFL roster. One of them being former Penn State QB and Ashburn, Va. native Trace McSorley, who is out to prove that despite his small frame, he possesses the arm strength to make it in the NFL.

"When you see a guy, a quarterback especially, who's not necessarily got the prototype size that a lot of people have, the next question becomes the arm strength," McSorley said Tuesday on 106.7 The Fan's Sports Junkies. "So, for me, when I went out to the combine and I was throwing with all the other guys and competing with them, I wanted to show that I could make all the throws that they were making. That I wasn't underthrowing the deep routes and some of the throws where I had to drop it on them, I was putting good pace on it."

McSorley led the Nittany Lions to a Big Ten Championship in 2016 and holds Penn State's records in passing yards in a single season, career passing touchdowns, touchdown passes in a single season and total touchdowns just to name a few. 

Standing at 6 feet, 202 pounds, what McSorley lacks in build he'll make up in technique.


"The ball came off my hand really well, you know, kind of jumped off my hand," McSorley said on his strong performance at the combine carrying over to his Pro Day in Happy Valley. "Had a good pace on [the ball]. Spun it well and I was kind of able to disprove some of those concerns that some people might have about arm strength with me." 

Before McSorley awaits a very important phone call next week, watch him on the upcoming series 'I Am The Prospect' on