Joe Theismann signed off on Dwayne Haskins wearing his old jersey, and it didn't take long to see No. 7 in action. 

Haskins took the field with the rest of the Redskins 2019 draft class on Friday as a part of rookie minicamp. Washington has 10 draft picks along with more than a dozen undrafted free agents at their rookie camp, and a host of tryout players make the full rookie group. 

Certainly the rookie quarterback will draw the most attention, but the rest of the picks got assigned jersey numbers as well. 

Those numbers could all change, especially for draft picks as they get closer to the real 53-man roster. 

One number that won't change? Haskins wearing 7. No Redskins player had worn that number in more than 30 years since Theismann famously broke his leg on Monday Night Football in 1985.

If Washington is willing to let Haskins wear that jersey in rookie camp, with Theismann's blessing, they're certainly not going to change it down the line. Haskins wore 7 in college at Ohio State and locally in high school at The Bullis School. 


Theismann, speaking on the Redskins live Twitter broadcast from rookie camp on Friday, said that Haskins will face enough obstacles to greatness in the NFL that he shouldn't worry about his uniform number. To watch that broadcast, click here

Drafted with the 15th overall pick, Haskins is certainly the new face of the Redskins franchise. With that comes a lot of pressure and responsibility, and apparently some perks in the equipment room. 

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There’s a new number 7 in town


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