Redskins Insider JP Finlay gives a silly, possibly dumb, guess at what the 2020 schedule will look like. 

Make no mistake: Kevin Sheehan is the godfather of Redskins mock schedules. He's been doing it for years and it's a wildly fun radio segment. 

But that doesn't mean it only has to be a radio segment. Let's start with Sheehan's 2020 mock schedule, paying our respects to the godfather. 

And now let's take our own stab at this thing. 

A few thoughts before we dive all the way in. Nobody knows anything for sure. It's entirely possible the season doesn't start on time. Peter King suggested that the NFL season might not start until October, or might be only 14 games. 

Nobody knows anything. At all. Coronavirus is the worst. 

That said, we do know America needs football, and the NFL wants to maximize how many people watch football. Expect games on Saturdays this fall, and expect lots of them. 

Here. We. Go. 

9/13 @ Pittsburgh 1 pm 
Note: FedEx Field is slated to host two different concerts in August, and while those concerts probably won’t happen now, the schedule was made with that in mind. Redskins open on the road again, and Fox gets to open the season with a Steelers game.

9/20 - Cincinnati 1 pm
Note: The NFL doesn't want the Redskins to start 0-5 again. That's bad for business.

9/27 - @ Philadelphia 1pm

10/5 - Carolina 8:15 pm
Note: Ron Rivera against his old team gets the Monday Night Football treatment. 


10/11 - Dallas 4 pm
Note: Redskins vs Cowboys always rates and therefore gets the national spot. More on this later. 

10/17 - Seattle 8 pm
Note: Saturday game in October? What? No college football means NFL games on Saturdays in early fall. 



11/1 - @ San Francisco 4 pm
Note: The Trent Williams game. 

11/8 - @ Cleveland 1 pm
Note: Things are getting hard. 

11/12 - Baltimore 8:15 pm
Note: Lamar on Thursday night. The NFL did it last year with Baltimore against the Jets late in the year on a Thursday, so they deliver a ratings guarantee no matter what the opponent's record is. And things have gotten really hard.

11/22 - New York Giants 1 pm

11/26 - @ Dallas 4:30 pm
Note: Redskins in Dallas on Thanksgiving. As natural as a turkey nap. And huge ratings.

12/5 - LA Rams 8 pm
Note: Sean McVay comes back to FedEx. A Saturday night game for extra attention.

12/13 - @ Detroit 1pm
Note: Good chance this game stinks.

12/20 - Philadelphia 1pm
Note: Uh.....

12/26 - @ Arizona 8pm
Note: This would be a dream for the media. 

1/3 - @ NY Giants
Note: Something about Week 17 in the Meadowlands. 

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