Kirk Cousins, who, as you may have heard, is slated to become a free agent next spring, is not talking like a guy who is looking to play for another team.

Although many believe he fully intends to leave town as soon as he can, a couple of comments made by Cousins indicate that he is looking at staying in the DMV for the long haul. Both were made unprompted, with the quarterback being asked if he planned on being with the Redskins beyond 2017.

The first one came when he addressed the media following the Redskins’ 17-14 win over the Seahawks. Cousins helped put together a late drive to win that game in the last two minutes.

“The resiliency and the grit of this team is a reflection of the whole organization and it’s the kind of thing you can build on and do something with, not just in one season or one part of the season but hopefully for years to come.”


You don’t need to parse this much to see what he’s saying. The most interesting aspect of the statement is the reference to the “whole organization.” Part of the reason that Cousins didn’t really want to sign a long-term contract earlier this year was that he wanted to see how the organization came together after key departures like general manager Scot McCloughan and offensive coordinator Sean McVay. It appears that things have come together in a satisfactory way in Cousins’ eyes.


The other statement came yesterday when Cousins had his weekly meeting with the media at Redskins Park. He was asked about his progress working with second-year wide receiver Josh Doctson, who made a diving catch to set up the Redskins’ winning touchdown.

“I told him after we scored, ‘Let’s make sure this isn’t a one-and-done thing. Let’s make sure this is a repeatable thing and something that people expect to have happen not just next week, not just this season, but hopefully for seasons to come.’ That’s where the vision needs to be and then we have got to work in a way where that can become a reality.”


Again, you don’t need to put Cousins’ words under a microscope to see what he is saying here. If a quarterback is going to be successful he needs a go-to target. Cousins believes he might have that in Washington.

Under the terms of the franchise tag, the Redskins and Cousins can’t negotiate a new contract until after the season ends. There still is half a season to go and things can change for better or for worse. Talking about long-term plans in November doesn’t necessarily lead to a new contract in February. But if you’re looking for signals right now, those two statements are good indicators that Cousins will want to get something worked out.

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