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Redskins 2019 7-round mock draft: #2 The 'No Passing on the Future' Scenario

Redskins 2019 7-round mock draft: #2 The 'No Passing on the Future' Scenario

We’re back for another look at the Redskins’ projected 7-round draft with the second of three scenarios. 

These choices are based on a combination of conversations with league sources, homework, intuition plus remaining needs. These different paths are akin to a “Choose your adventure” book. While the Redskins have four of the top 97 selections, their list of needs is lengthy and not everyone can realistically be addressed. 

We went “Living on the edge” in the first version with Florida State pass rusher Brian Burns leading off the selections, which also included a local prospect and a quarterback on Day 2.

Click here for the latest two-round NFL mock draft, but only after reading the second path.

PATH 2 -- No passing on the future

First Round, Pick No. 15: Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State

Shoutout to all those desperate for the Redskins to select a passer in the first round, think they are and cannot imagine a scenario in which they pass on the Bullis product if available. Whether one agrees with those assumptions or not there is certainly a world where this pick is used for a quarterback -- and that this one slips to 15. 

Haskins threw for 50 touchdown passes in his lone season as a starter with the Buckeyes. Despite a recent sense of slippage with his draft stock, several league voices maintain the kid with a rocket arm is worthy of an early selection. Others feel the Redskins would be wise trading the pick for Arizona’s Josh Rosen instead. 

Second Round, Pick No. 46: Dalton Risner, OL, Kansas State

Versatility, power and athleticism are the hallmarks of Risner’s resume. The three-time All-Big 12 selection and All-American primarily played left tackle with the Wildcats, but likely shifts to guard on the NFL level. His draft range is 30-45 per sources, but we’ll indulge by keeping him available at 46 for a Redskins team in need of a left guard. There might be slim pickings here if the interior OL prospects start going off the board in the middle of the first.

Third Round, Pick No. 77: D’Andre Walker, OLB, Georgia

One issue with passing on pass rusher at 15 is the limited options in subsequent rounds. Better jump on who’s available if a priority. Walker, a two-year starter, had 13 sacks and 24.5 tackles for loss the past two seasons. “[Walker] needs to improve his play strength and technique to handle run responsibilities, but he could find early work as a rotational edge-bending rush specialist until he's ready to take over as a starter.”

Third Round, Pick No. 97: Kahale Warring, TE, San Diego State

Several league sources believe the Redskins are focused on adding tight end help and not just mere depth. Head coach Jay Gruden said as much this off-season. The *issue* with this class is the top three prospects might not fit with Washington’s picks at 15 and 46. Texas A&M’s Jace Sternberger probably goes next and then there are eye-of-the-beholder options like Warring. The former basketball player visited Ashburn pre-draft. The interest isn’t about the stats, but the tape. 

Fifth Round, Pick No. 154:  Jahlani Tavai, ILB, Hawaii

One former front executive gushed to NBC Sports Washington about Tavai when the topic of mid-round linebackers came up. The 254-pound linebacker offers good size, ability and aggressive mindset to the defensive middle. Mason Foster’s contract runs thru 2019 and everything at ILB is uncertain. 

Fifth Round, Pick No. 174: KeeSean Johnson, WR, Fresno State

Johnson finished his career with the Bulldogs tops in receptions (275) and receiving yards (3,463) with an FBS-leading 50 consecutive games with a reception. Solid route running, hands and football IQ spurred on all that production for the 6-foot-1 target. Legitimate sleeper here with pro-ready moves. 

Sixth Round, Pick No. 208: Malik Gant, S, Marshall

This ferocious hitter would back up Landon Collins should he make the team. Gant’s’s profile includes the line, “Lives to strike, loves to strike.” The Redskins have shown interest in the D.C. native (Woodson). Same goes for anyone going down a rabbit hole of Gant highlight videos.

Seventh Round, Pick No. 229: Blace Brown, CB, Troy 

The Redskins have a recent history of selecting players whose stock dropped because of injury. Brown’s torn ACL came in 2017 and he struggled to find the impressive form that had scouts noticing him before the injury. There’s certainly hope for - seventh-round corner to make the roster considering Greg Stroman, Danny Johnson and Adonis Alexander held down the last three spots in 2018.

Seventh Round, Pick No. 255: Ricky Walker, DT, Virginia Tech

All the Alabama talk overlooks the amount of Hokies on the roster. Just last season the Redskins found an interior defensive lineman from Blacksburg on Day 3, and there’s a possible DL opening following Stacy McGee’s release. Walker lacks power, but he did lead the Hokies with 10.5 tackles for loss in 2018. 

UDFA: L.J. Scott, RB, Michigan State

Scott started all fives games he played in 2018, but an ankle injury largely kept the four-year player off the field. He topped 1,000 yards from scrimmage as a sophomore and junior. Would provide power and pass blocking from the start.

Summary: Taking Haskins or any quarterback in the first round is the move of a team, at least for one with as many holes as the Redskins, understanding the playoffs probably aren’t happening this season. That’s fine for the big picture, but probably not the head coach of a team having not reached the playoffs since 2015. Warring is another long-term call while Risner would step in the lineup Day 1. Tavai, Johnson and Gant would be arguably the pound-for-pound best picks of the class. No major investments in the secondary or at the offensive skill positions with this path.


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A house for mom, dinner for his linemen and a custom Bentley: How Dwayne Haskins spent his first million

A house for mom, dinner for his linemen and a custom Bentley: How Dwayne Haskins spent his first million

Dwayne Haskins learned a lot in his first go-round in the NFL, including just how much work is required to be a successful starting QB and how intense a typical season with the Redskins can be.

He also was exposed to the dark reality of taxes for the first time, which are far scarier than even the most devastating opposing pass rush.

In a video for GQ Sports and their "My First Million" series, Haskins discussed how he, well, spent his first million dollars as a pro. It's an epic tale, one filled with wild stories and useful lessons — including the following relatable take.

"Taxes are no joke, bro," he said.

The biggest choice the first-rounder made for himself was to pick out a custom-made Bentley that cost him $250,000. He loves it and calls it "my baby" and the "Batmobile." He's also now out of the vehicle-purchasing game for a while because of it.

"I'm not buying no more cars," Haskins said. "Not a very great investment to buy cars."

Next up for the passer was to take care of his mom, so he paid for a house that totaled about $750,000. 

"Being able to just, 'Hey mom, I've got a surprise for you, here's a house,'" Haskins recalled. "Definitely made those 14-plus years of hard work worth it."

So, that's all, right? Those two items add up to a million, so we're done here? 

Well, the house isn't technically for Haskins, so therefore, it doesn't take up room on his ledger. So the story continued.

The 22-year-old committed about $70,000 to jewelry and has about $5,000 to $7,000 set aside for a vacation to the Bahamas he's got planned for next month. He also has an estimated $10,000 in murals at his place and spent about $40,000 on clothes, including some suits to wear on game day and to events.

Then, there was a rookie dinner, where he had to treat his offensive linemen to a meal. Those guys didn't go the salad route, either.

"Of course they ordered all the appetizers, all the steaks they can get," he said. "They do not want to go to Applebee's. They want to go to the best steak place they can find... I'll do it again if I have to."

For a guy who didn't have to pay for much in college aside from a car note and maybe some bills at the library, it was quite a transition into adulthood and moneyhood. He's taken steps to hire a financial adviser and put his earnings into "different buckets," though, and seems confident he'll be in good shape for a long time.

Plus, if he excels in the coming seasons, there'll be plenty more millions coming his way. And by then, he won't be surprised when a lot of that goes to taxes.

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Report: CBA proposal would change NFL playoff structure, add 7th spot in both conferences

Report: CBA proposal would change NFL playoff structure, add 7th spot in both conferences

Teams on the brink of the playoffs could receive a big boost in the upcoming NFL season. 

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the league's new collective bargaining agreement proposal would add an additional playoff spot in both conferences and eliminate a first-round bye for the second seed, ultimately creating a six-game slate for Wild Card weekend. 

There's growing confidence that the players and owners can strike an agreement, and that could come as early as next week, according to Schefter.

That optimism comes less than a month after NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith hinted that a two-year strike may be necessary for the players to receive everything they're seeking in the new deal. 

If the proposal gets passed through, the league would implement the playoff changes for the 2020-2021 season. 

Players that are on the top-seeded team in each conference would also receive pay during the first-round bye, which is not the case under the current agreement. 

There are still issues to resolve before the two sides reach an agreement, according to ESPN. Chief among those issues is the back-and-forth about allowing the possibility of a 17-game regular season, which the league would not phase in until at least 2021. 

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