The 2019 NFL Draft wrapped up a few days ago, but you know what hasn't wrapped up? Celebrating what looks like a potentially outstanding haul of prospects that the Redskins added over the weekend.

So, you're aware the franchise has 10 new players to work with, but now it's time to hand out some superlatives to certain players from the group. Every pick matters, but a few in particular are especially notable.

Biggest steal 

Imagine finding a receiver who posted 69 and 81 catches in 2017 and 2018 for 1,017 yards and 1,186 yards respectively to go along with four and seven touchdowns in those seasons IN THE SIXTH ROUND?

Well, if you're the Redskins, you don't have to imagine. Instead, what you do is go look at Kelvin Harmon's nameplate inside of the team facility, because those stats above belong to him and yet Washington was still able to grab him late on Saturday.

Now, Harmon's not a burner by any means, and most of his other agility or explosion numbers won't impress you. What does impress you, though, is a set of hands that some believe were the best in the draft and his QB-friendly frame.

Receivers taken where Harmon went usually either come from smaller schools or are more of the raw project-types. The NC State product is neither. You have to like his chances of contributing well above his draft slot for the Burgundy and Gold.


Riskiest pick

Anytime you draft a passer in the first round, you're taking a risk. Trading up to take a pass rusher with a heart condition — one with unclear severity, but a heart condition nonetheless — on Thursday night is also a bold move.

But as of now, it feels like Bryce Love represents the most precarious selection.

Could it really pay off? Absolutely. If Love came out of Stanford a year earlier than he did, he would've been scooped up far earlier than the fourth round. When right, he's a home run hitter and a good bet to be the fastest player on the field.

However, he's not right as of now. The running back tore his ACL in December and it's unclear how much he'll play and how early that action will come.

Sure, calling a fourth-rounder a risk may sound silly to some, especially one whose impact may only really be needed starting in 2020.

With that being said, it's not guaranteed he ever returns to his top form. Plus, there may be a time in October or November this year when you look back and wish the Redskins snagged someone else at a thinner position or found someone who could've helped right away.

Best name 

Ross Pierschbacher, and it's not even close. His last name sounds like a delicious beer you'd drink in a warm tavern or a World War II tank. This one is too easy.

Sneakiest potential

It feels like out of all 10 picks, Cole Holcomb is either the ninth or 10th-most talked about one. Jay Gruden wasn't hesitant to praise him in his post-draft presser, however.

"I just wondered why he wasn’t as highly touted as a lot of these other guys because he has the speed," Gruden said. "He ran a 4.48 I think at his Pro Day, like a 38-inch vertical. He tested out of the moon, so you say ‘Oh, he’s just a tester.’ No, he had 100 tackles three years in a row... He’s had production, so I think it’s a great pick in that spot and I’m excited to get him in here."

Holcomb's path to immediate playing time likely comes through special teams, but it's not like this defense is stacked at inside linebacker. Reuben Foster is cleared to play for now but counting on him for 16 games would be irresponsible, and Shaun Dion Hamilton and Mason Foster don't have the athleticism that Holcomb has.

You have every right to be fired up about Haskins and Sweat and McLaurin and everyone else. Just don't forget about Holcomb.


"Well when you’re looking at linebackers this day in age, you want to make sure they have the ability to cover in space and that’s what his gift is," Gruden said. "He’s very good out in space."

Best goat jewelry

Another snoozer. Please look at what Jimmy Moreland has on his neck in this photo:

His spot on the roster should basically be locked down already just because of that epic piece of jewelry.