The Redskins need cap space. They have very little, just $13 million, and rank in the bottom five around the NFL with available cash for free agency. 

For many fans, it doesn't make much sense that Washington hasn't released any players yet to clear more space. 

Well, maybe that was part of the plan. 

Zach Brown tops the list of potential salary cap cuts for Washington. He got benched late last season and counts for more than $8 million in 2019. Mason Foster has no guaranteed money for 2019 either, and would cost nothing against the cap. 

Adding CJ Mosley would be a talent upgrade, but it will also bring a higher price tag. 

A durable linebacker that made the last three Pro Bowls, the Ravens decided not to use the tag on Mosley this season as the cost climbed up over $15 million. 

Washington can't afford to pay that much, but a multi-year deal for Mosley will probably have an average annual value of closer to $10 million. 


There's also the reality of the Redskins moving Brown and/or Foster. The Raiders really liked Brown last season in free agency, but didn't offer the same cash as Washington. Are they going to now?

Moving Foster or Brown would probably bring back a small return, as teams could wait for free agency if they think the linebackers are going to get released. For some teams, however, it might be worth a late-round pick to get Brown without having to compete in free agency. 

Mosley will have other suitors, but he will probably be more affordable than Landon Collins, another potential free agent target for the Redskins

Based on Pro Football Focus rankings, Brown was the 4th best inside linebacker in the NFL last year. Mosley ranked 42nd.