Washington Football

Washington Football

Are the Redskins really young at wide receiver? Absolutely.

Does offensive coordinator Scott Turner care about that? Absolutely not.

While Washington doesn't feature a single player at the position who's currently 28 or older, Turner isn't worried about how that could impact his offense. During a Zoom call with reporters on Wednesday, he explained why.

"I never have gotten caught up in that," Turner said. "I just want the best players possible. I don't care if their rookies or 10th-year guys. We want them to compete and whoever's the best guy who we feel like gives us the best chance to win, we'll put him out there."

Turner acknowledged that veterans may have some extra "savviness" in their game that can only be acquired by playing week in and week out as a pro. Experience, however, won't act as a determining factor at all when it comes to divvying out snaps for the Burgundy and Gold as long as he's calling the plays.

"It's not a requirement in my eyes," he said. 

That works out well, because if age was a necessity for a wideout to see the field, Turner would be running a lot of three tight end and two running back looks with his new team.

The core of the Redskins' receiving group consists of Terry McLaurin (24), Kelvin Harmon (23), Steven Sims (23) and Antonio Gandy-Golden (22). Others, like Cody Latimer (27), Darvin Kidsy (25), Trey Quinn (24) and Cam Sims (24), will fight to make the back end of the roster.



In all, what happens at that spot over the coming months should, at the very least, produce a collection of hungry targets for Dwayne Haskins. 

"What we tried to do at every position is we tried to create competition, bring in quality football players to create competition," Turner said. "Look at some of the additions we made, yeah, they might not be flashy names, but that's not necessarily always the best route to go either. We brought in guys that'll create competition."

Of course, it'd be foolish to think the youth is strictly a positive thing. That's how Turner has to approach the situation, but some problems will inevitably arise because of it.

One such issue could be the growth period that some of Turner's players may need before they start really contributing.

Gandy-Golden, for example, will have to make the jump from Liberty to the NFC East, a jump that would be hard enough without this strange offseason on top of it. Can Sims and Harmon, meanwhile, find roles in this new offense right away even though it'll be totally new to them?

Fortunately, Turner seems calm about handling that type of potential setback, as well as any others that could pop up. Maybe that's because he, too, is young for his job, at just 37 years old. Or maybe it's because he grew up in a football family and understands that the sport is always presenting challenges.

Regardless of the reason, he's not going to rush the development of his Redskins receivers. Their careers are just getting started, and his time with them is just getting started as well.

"The beauty of this is we don't have to play anybody until Sept. 13 for real," he said. "We don't have to set our lineup today."