A lot of fans are wondering whether the Redskins can make the postseason with Colt McCoy as the team’s starting quarterback if the team opts to have him start in 2019. 

NBC Sports’ Chris Simms thinks Washington can.

Simms believes that McCoy could certainly help the Redskins advance to January football if he has a capable roster surrounding him, he explained on the Redskins Talk podcast in Indianapolis on Wednesday.

“I think you could go to the playoffs with Colt McCoy,” Simms said.

“Colt is a little bit of a risk taker," he added, before turning his attention to the 'Skins other notable passer. "I think franchise quarterbacks win games, I think Alex Smith more doesn't lose games...You need a quarterback who will take some chances and make some plays.”

Simms did acknowledge one key difference between McCoy and Smith, though, one that has plagued McCoy.

“I think if there's a proper team around Colt McCoy, he can bring [the Redskins] to the playoffs, but health is a big issue,” Simms said, noting how the veteran has missed multiple chances to steal the job under Jay Gruden due to injuries.

Smith fractured his tibia and fibula on Nov. 18, finishing his 2018 season. Just two games later, McCoy left the field with a broken leg. Simms, like tons of others, doesn’t think that Smith will be playing in 2019, meaning a solution must be found.


Now, regardless of who takes over under center for the Redskins, the analyst did want to make one thing very clear: He has to have help, both on offense and defense. 

So, not only does Washington have to identify their next QB this offseason; they also have to keep building around that key position.

“It's about the team,” Simms said. “We’re in this generation right now where it’s the quarterback… He's the only reason we win, he's the only reason we lose, doesn't really matter about the 21 other guys on the field anymore.”