The Redskins don't hold a second-round pick Friday night, but considering trades tend to increase as the NFL Draft unfolds, that could change for Washington.

"We’ll wait and see if the opportunity presents itself and what it will take. I think that’s the big thing." Redskins VP of Player Personnel Kyle Smith said late Thursday night.  "We’ll start going through that and see what the board says to us."

After taking Chase Young with the second overall pick Thursday night, the Redskins don't hold another selection until the 66th pick in the third round. That means as Friday night's second-round unfolds Washington must just sit by and watch the action. 

The Redskins traded away this year's second-round pick in a 2019 move up to grab Montez Sweat late in the first round. Sweat seemed to catch up to the speed of the NFL in the second half of his rookie season. He logged seven sacks for the year, but 4.5 came after Week 8, including a two-sack performance in Week 17. 

The Sweat trade looks like a good move, and paired with Young in 2020 the Redskins look poised for a devastatingly quick and fierce pass rush. Still, no second-round pick is tough for new Washington coach Ron Rivera as he looks to rebuild the roster. 

"I think that’s going to be a burden, just because of where that second round pick was too," Rivera said during the NFL Scouting Combine in February. "That’s the hard part, you wish you had all your picks."



The Redskins would have drafted high in the second round, the 34th overall selection. There are plenty of well-regarded prospects still available too, guys like Clemson WR Tee Higgins, Boise State tackle Ezra Cleveland or Alabama safety Xavier McKinney. 

It seems highly, highly unlikely the Redskins will grab any of those players, barring an unexpected slide towards the bottom of the second round. In fact, it seems unlikely Washington moves back into the second round at all as things stand right now. 

"If there’s a player there that, No. 1, if we have the ammo to do that then we’ll absolutely talk about it, but the offer has to match what we feel about the player," Smith said of a trade into the second round.

That's general manager speak for don't expect much to happen. 

Washington holds the 66th overall pick, the second selection in the third round, and then a pair of picks in the fourth round. All three are useful, particularly 66, and the right trade package could result in getting back to the second round. 

Of course, there's a wild card in all of this: Trent Williams. 

If the Redskins can finally trade away Williams, and there's no reason to believe a deal is imminent, then that might give Smith more "ammo" that he needs to get into the second round.

Don't expect a second-round pick in return for Williams. Redskins fans need to be prepared for lower trade compensation. That's the reality. Still, if Williams' departure brings in a collection of picks, even if the selections are third, fourth or fifth-rounders, the team could try to get creative. 

For now, Redskins fans should expect to sit and watch the second round unfold Friday night without much action. Sounds like that's what Smith expects.