Prior to the moment when his name was finally announced in Nashville, there were numerous different rumors as to where quarterback Dwayne Haskins Jr. would end up in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft, some that involved the Redskins.

When the smoke screens cleared on Thursday night, we finally got an answer. 

Haskins will indeed be joining the Redskins, as he was selected with the 15th overall pick. His selection made him the second quarterback off the board in this year's class. 

The two sides have been linked together all throughout the process leading up to the draft, and now the Maryland native will play for his local team. The Redskins have other options at quarterback even with Alex Smith injured, as Colt McCoy and the newly acquired Case Keenum will presumably both compete for the starting job. However, it's clear Washington is still in search for a long term option under center, and they're now hoping Haskins will be that guy.

Despite only having one full season as the starter at Ohio State, Haskins took the football world by storm with one of the most impressive seasons ever recorded by a Big Ten quarterback. Yet, even with his 4831 passing yards and 50 touchdowns, his small sample size and early struggles at the NFL Combine with the 40-yard dash had some doubting his ability to succeed in the NFL. Featured in NBC Sports Washington's "I Am The Prospect" series, Haskins explained how he let those opinions fuel his journey to getting better each day.


"I just use that as motivation. Not being considered the top guy or saying, 'you're not fast enough,' or 'you're not mobile enough,'" Haskins said. "I just say watch me play."

Beginning on Sundays soon enough, we'll get to do just that.