It feels appropriate to start this story by apologizing to those who were hoping to see a breakdown of Wes Schweitzer's hand placement or footwork on screens or ability to pull in the run game on this website today. 

Schweitzer, a guard from the Falcons that the Redskins plan to sign on Wednesday, has a good amount of starting experience and should be a useful rotational lineman at the very least in Washington. But again, that's about all the serious analysis you'll find on this page. Sorry.

Instead, there's something else about the 26-year-old that needs to be discussed: He appears to have a real thing for spiking footballs.

In fact, Schweitzer might love spiking footballs more than anyone else in the NFL.

Now, how much research went into that statement before it was made? Not a lot. Some would even say none.

But for real, look at this guy. The most recent post on his Instagram is legit a five-spike gallery:

Here's another picture of him post-spike. Look at the pure joy that's overtaken his face. There's nothing else in the world he'd rather be doing: 

This short video becomes mesmerizing if you watch it enough:

And here he is celebrating one that happened at FedEx Field, his new home: 

Schweitzer almost hit the ref on this one:

Rain or shine, the man is going to find a football and smash it into the turf:

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It's all about the ball #RiseUp #ATL

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Fortunately for Schweitzer, Derrius Guice is a running back who's open to letting his O-linemen help out on spikes, while Adrian Peterson finds the end zone more than just about anyone who's ever played the sport. So, hopefully he'll be very happy with his new team and be able to keep his obsession alive.