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Redskins give 1987 replacement players overdue recognition

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Redskins give 1987 replacement players overdue recognition

They helped the Redskins win Super Bowl XXII 30 years ago. Today, they finally got some formal recognition for their efforts. 

The 1987 replacement Redskins, who came in and played while the players were on strike, went 3-0. They did their jobs succeeding in, as then-assistant general manager Charley Casserly said, “holding down the fort” until the strike ended and the regulars returned.

The replacement players did get to share in the money that came with the team winning the Super Bowl. But the team was reluctant to give them much recognition for their contribution to the championship, in part because of fear of riling the regular players, who were not happy with players crossing the picket lines. The players ended up losing four paychecks. 

But time heals all wounds. Casserly told the story of defensive tackle Darryl Grant punching the windows of the bus that brought the replacements into Redskins Park so hard that he broke the glass. But Grant recently endorsed recognizing the replacement players with rings. And at the end of the ceremony, quarterback Doug Williams, wide receiver Gary Clark, and defensive end Dexter Manley took the stage and posed for a group picture with the players being honored. 

Safety and defensive captain Skip Lane, who had been with seven different pro football teams before the Redskins called to have him come in to help, said that the money they got was long gone, making the ring something special. 

“It’s validation,” he said of getting the ring. “Because we’d been called scabs our whole life. The Redskins wanted nothing to do with us because they did not want to attach their great Super Bowl to us. But as time went by, they realized what a real part we were. And even these guys, Dexter and Doug, were behind us getting rings.

“It’s a great feeling because in your heart you knew that you were a part of it, but you never were really accepted into the organization and this kind of does.”

Tony Robinson is a former Tennessee quarterback who was serving time in prison until the Redskins made him their backup signal caller on the replacement team. He didn’t play a snap until starter Ed Rubbert was injured early in the game against Dallas. The rest is legend as the replacement team, with no regular players having crossed the picket line, beat a Dallas team that had multiple regular players in the game including Hall of Fame players in running back Tony Dorsett and defensive tackle Randy White. 

Robinson said that he was not nervous at all as he went on the field at Texas Stadium. But he was quite pumped up as he went up to claim his Super Bowl ring. 

“My heart was pounding, man,” he said. “It’s unbelievable.”

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The 2019 NFL Draft is about 24 hours away, and the Redskins have been linked to...every QB

The 2019 NFL Draft is about 24 hours away, and the Redskins have been linked to...every QB

In just about 24 hours or so, the Arizona Cardinals will be on the clock with the No. 1 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

What that also means is: it is officially smoke and mirrors season. Until the pick is in, rumors will come from all over the place about what each team's draft strategy is.

The Redskins are right in the thick of all the pre-draft noise and rumors. Some stuff will end up true, but most will likely not.

It's no secret that the Redskins need to add a quarterback at some point during the draft, whether it be at No. 15, trading up, trading back, or even trading for another young quarterback such as the Cardinals' Josh Rosen. Over the past few days, there have been reports linking the Redskins to a number of different quarterbacks. But by the end of the weekend, only one of them will be sporting the burgundy and gold.

Here is what we know about the Redskins and each quarterback linked to them.

On Monday, it was reported that the Redskins were zeroed in on Ohio State's Dwayne Haskins.

Another report came out early Wednesday, with the exact same news.

Haskins is a local product, as he played his high school ball at Bullis School in Potomac, Md. He was committed to Maryland for much of his senior year of high school before flipping to Ohio State a couple weeks before National Signing Day.

Haskins redshirted his freshman year with the Buckeyes, and sat behind J.T. Barrett in 2017 before earning the starting job in 2018. While just a one-year starter, Haskins broke almost every Big Ten passing record possible, including Drew Brees' record for touchdown passes. He finished third in Heisman Trophy voting, behind Oklahoma's Kyler Murray and Alabama's Tua Tagovailoa.

Where Haskins will ultimately end up is very much in question. The Giants could grab him at No. 6, or the Bengals at No. 11. It is unlikely Haskins would fall to No. 15, so if the Redskins want him, they will most likely have to trade up.

Another quarterback the Redskins have been linked to is Duke's Daniel Jones. who could be the safest quarterback option in the draft. There is a chance that Jones, unlike Haskins, could be available at the Redskins current draft position.

Yet, some reporters believe the Redskins might trade into the Top 5 to select Jones, a player the Giants have been rumored to like as well. With Eli Manning close to the end of his career, the Giants still don't have a quarterback of the future, and could take Jones at pick No. 6 if he's available.

Earlier this week, Doug Williams said it was unlikely the Redskins trade up in the draft.

All offseason long, the Redskins have been rumored to be interested in trading for Josh Rosen, if the Cardinals decide to take Kyler Murray with their first overall pick.

Now, with just a handful of hours before the draft, the Redskins seem to focus on only the quarterbacks in the draft.

Flying under the radar for the Redskins? Missouri's Drew Lock, who could also still be available at No. 15 if the Redskins keep their pick.

Ultimately, it's all smoke and mirrors. Which is why this tweet sums it all up:

Just think, this will all be over by the weekend.


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Report: Dwayne Haskins is the Redskins' 'target' for solving QB issue

Report: Dwayne Haskins is the Redskins' 'target' for solving QB issue

It'd be borderline shocking if the Redskins didn't add a quarterback in the 2019 NFL Draft, and with the first round coming Thursday, one report suggests the team is interested in doing so with a top pick.

ESPN's Dianna Russini tweeted Wednesday that "sources have indicated Dwayne Haskins is [Washington's] target despite multiple holes at several positions on this roster." She then added that the 'Skins aren't talking to the Cardinals about Josh Rosen.

Now, the question for the Redskins becomes: If Haskins is their target, will they have to move up in the order to get him?

Insider JP Finlay wrote Wednesday the franchise could be willing to make a big leap up to pick No. 3 if Kyler Murray isn't taken first overall. So, you'd think they'd be willing to do the same for Haskins, whether that means swapping with the Jets to get the Ohio State passer third or with another organization if Haskins slips lower.

There's also a chance he lasts until the 15th pick, but that's far from certain. The front office may not feel comfortable enough to wait for him to fall.

A combination of Colt McCoy and Case Keenum could get the Redskins through the 2019 season, but neither sets the squad up for long-term success under center. Haskins could, although he started just one year for the Buckeyes and Jay Gruden has said this offseason how valuable experience is for signal callers entering the pros. 

There should be plenty of appealing prospects available for Washington when it's their turn on the clock. However, landing a QB on a rookie deal would be the most impactful acquisition if that guy pans out. So, if Haskins really is the "target" as reported, look for them to be aggressive in chasing him.

For an in-depth look at Haskins' development and life, check out NBC Sports Washington's "I am The Prospect: Dwayne Haskins."