The NFL wants its season to start on time this fall, and while that's still uncertain, there is no clear direction about what will happen with training camps this summer as the world continues to adjust to the Coronavirus. 

The Redskins typically kick off training camp in late July in Richmond. That's still the plan, technically, but for plenty of people, it seems far fetched. Sporting events across the globe have been canceled or postponed, some as far out as August as the coronavirus continues to grow and spread. 

Redskins head coach Ron Rivera seems like he has a plan at the quarterback position in case training camp does get pushed back. 

"If we were told, hey, you've got two weeks to go, I would feel very comfortable with Kyle [Allen]," Rivera said via SI, "because here's a guy that knows the system, has been in the system and could handle it for us for a period of time, and we'll see how that goes. That's kind of the thought process behind it for us."

Rivera's comments make a lot of sense but still underscore the shaky ground for Washington at the quarterback position. 


Dwayne Haskins has a tenuous hold on the starting quarterback spot. He was the 15th overall selection last year, drafted by the previous regime, but Rivera said he "believes" Haskins will be the starter. The giant caveat in all of this, however, is that Allen played for Rivera last year in Carolina and already knows new Redskins offensive coordinator Scott Turner's system. 


Haskins needs time to learn Turner's system and to work on the concepts. While he should get his playbook and at some point get to talk with the new coaching staff via video conference, that won't replace actual practice time. Haskins needs face time with his new coaches and teammates, not FaceTime with his new coaches and teammates. 

It's premature to guess what will happen to NFL training camps. Nobody knows. And it should be noted that on a conference call with local reporters Rivera explained Allen will help the Redskins quarterback room regardless of his role. 

"I just know what kind of person he is, and just feel that he’s the kind of guy that’s going to go into this, he’s not threatened by anything," the coach said. "What he’s really concerned about is doing the best job he can and if he ends up starting and being the guy, great, he’ll be fired up about it. And if he’s not, he’s in the backup role, he’ll be fired up about that as well."

Rivera, however, knows that if the season starts on an accelerated time frame and Dwayne Haskins doesn't yet know the offense, he's got a backup plan in Kyle Allen. 

"If that was the situation Kyle would have would have a leg up on the situation, most certainly."

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