The Redskins sent their college scouting staff down to Mobile this week to take in all the players at the Senior Bowl.

When the NFL season ends, things pick up for scouts, and all things are focused on April's NFL Draft.

For the Redskins, Director of College Scouting Kyle Smith takes charge for the next few months as the team works on building their draft board. 

Smith explained that he told all of the Redskins regional scouts to get "locked and loaded" for the grind between now and the Draft. 

"Any clarity that we don't have, we need to do it, we need to figure it out," Smith said to 

Asked what he watches for most during the Senior Bowl, Smith said that wants to see if the effort in person looks the same as it does on tape. 

"Competitiveness," Smith said. "Every rep, are they competing?"

Some of the biggest opportunities at the Senior Bowl come for small school players, Smith explained.

Last season, University Texas San Antonio edge rusher Marcus Davenport turned a strong performance at the Senior Bowl into a first-round draft selection when the Saints picked him 14th overall. 

Smith said he pays a lot of attention to the FCS and smaller division players in Mobile to see how they compete against Power 5 school players. It's an opportunity to judge their talent, but also their mentality. 

"It's their first exposure against top notch players, " Smith said. "It's a good spot for those guys."


It's also key to watch how players move, particularly along the offensive and defensive lines. Athleticism can help a prospect in the NFL, Smith said, and seeing that in person during agility drills can provide a good window into their ability. 

The Senior Bowl gets played Saturday, but Smith's work is just getting started.