Redskins LB Ryan Anderson ejected after vicious helmet to helmet hit on Panthers TE Greg Olsen (VIDEO)


CHARLOTTE -- After delivering a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit on Panthers tight end Greg Olsen, Redskins linebacker Ryan Anderson got ejected from Sunday's contest.

The hit looked dangerous in real-time, and Olsen laid on the ground for several seconds motionless after he went down. It appeared Olsen was unconscious, though he did walk off the field on his own power. He was immediately taken to the Carolina medical tent and then into the locker room. The team announced that Olsen is now in the NFL concussion protocol and will not return to the game. 

Anderson's ejection seemed fair due to the severity of the hit. 

What makes no sense, however, was that the referees did not expel Panthers special teamer DeAndrew White for a dirty hit on Redskins punt returner Trey Quinn. Anderson's play happened in live-action; Quinn was standing still waiting to catch a punt. 

The refs showed zero consistency in their actions, and frankly, need to be reprimanded by the NFL.