The Redskins had chances to get an unexpected win Sunday, but the team didn't convert on their opportunities. In the end, the 9-0 loss leaves Washington with a 1-6 record and many more questions than answers. 

The game was played in terrible weather, pouring rain for three hours, and the action resembled the weather. Neither team played particualrly well but the 49ers handled the slop better than the Redskins.

Some things stood out from the action, and it started on defense. 

  1. Maybe it was the weather or maybe it was the effort, but Washington only gave up nine points and no touchdowns. Niners QB Jimmy Garaplo had only 10 passing yards at halftime and was sacked and harassed throughout the game. In the second half, San Francisco started to find some success passing into the middle of the Redskins defense, but largely the group played well. The weather helped too, make no mistake about that.
  2. Coming into this game the 49ers had committed seven turnovers in their last three games but had given up no TDs off those turnovers. For the Redskins to win on Sunday they had to convert turnovers into scores. The team got a chance when seldom-used safety Troy Apke grabbed an interception and put the Redskins offense in good field position. Three plays later, however, the Redskins were forced to punt. San Francisco's defense is quite good, and it seems they get particularly motivated after their offense turns the ball over. 
  3. The flip side of that equation was a killer Adrian Peterson fumble late in the third quarter. The Redskins had put together an impressive drive and looked positioned to at least tie the game with a field goal if not take the lead with a touchdown. Peterson hit the hole and as he was going down the ball got ripped out of his arms, the 49ers recovered, and Washington's best second-half scoring chance was ruined. That was Peterson's first fumble of the year.
  4. It's hard to write enough about the weather, which was the single biggest factor in the outcome of this game. Neither offense had much success, multiple field goals got missed and plenty of people splashed all over the field. There was one play that crushed the Redskins, however, when the 49ers appeared to fumble. The refs called the play off as the umpire wasn't set yet, but the ball was on the ground and the Redskins recovered. Expect to hear more about that.