With the Redskins firing Jay Gruden and promoting Bill Callahan to interim head coach, there is a lot to discuss this week.

So why not open up the mailbag.

- @MuhammadSH What should we be rooting for? Better outcome - losing four in a row/winning four in a row, and why?

I will never be the guy that tells fans to root for losses. Root for wins, it’s way more fun. That said, I think and have said repeatedly the Redskins are in the midst of a big rebuild whether the team admits it or not. In that vein, losses are probably more advantageous for draft position. The biggest thing to root for has nothing to do with game results: This team desperately needs to develop Dwayne Haskins and let him prove he’s a legit franchise QB prospect. If that happens, and they have a high draft pick, Washington could probably move back a bit in a 2020 Draft full of QB prospects. The Redskins have a lot of needs and no second-round pick next year. Getting more picks, especially high picks, could help a lot. 

@ScubaSteve_02 asks: Why did my wife leave me?

Dunno but good luck pal. 

@MoodyRob asks: When will it end?

Dunno but good luck pal. I actually think this is a real Redskins question, and trust me, I wish I had an answer. 

@Erinzaddy1 asks: How different will the offense look with KOC running the show?


Great question. Callahan has been clear he wants to run the ball a lot more, and Adrian Peterson is fired up about the opportunity. Miami has an awful rush defense, so it could work against the Dolphins, but after that, O’Connell will again need to scheme receivers open. Much like the biggest goal for this season at this point is about developing Haskins, from a coaching standpoint, the Redskins brass needs to let O’Connell really prove if he’s got what it takes to run a dynamic offense in the NFL. If he can prove that, he’s a legit contender to be head coach in 2020.

@Antwats_v asks: Do you think Callahan has made any strong recommendations/changes for Manusky?

Another great question, and to be completely honest, I don’t know the answer. Callahan said he just told Manuksy to get to the quarterback more and get off the field on third downs. That’s pretty obvious. Callahan also explained he wasn’t going to fire Manusky because he wanted to be patient and view things on his own as head coach. Soooooo, I’m not sure what has changed. I do know if the defense keeps playing how they did the first three games, and the new coaching culture demands accountability, then defensive coaches will need to either bench players that blow assignments or take responsibility for major mistakes. Definitely something to watch. 

@MarkianHawryluk asks: What’s the deal with Jordan Reed?

Last we heard of Reed came when I asked Gruden if there was any plan to move the tight end to the injured reserve. Gruden looked at me like I was crazy before saying no. I contend the Redskins absolutely should put Reed on the IR. There is no timeline in sight for his return from his seventh concussion, and if he is able to come back, should he? It won’t be this week, for sure, so why even bring him back in Week 7 of a lost season? And that’s the best case scenario. 

@BarstoolNate asks: What’s your favorite poker podcast?

Cracking Aces. And there’s not even a second favorite. 

@Ahmadsamiali asks: Will we get first draft pick?

I doubt it but this weekend will go a long way towards who does.

@EvryDayMan29 asks: What’s the biggest difference you see in Callahan’s practice versus Gruden’s and do you think it will translate into more wins?

Things are more physical for sure with Callahan, and certainly more old school. This is the perfect week for the switch because the Redskins should absolutely beat a terrible Dolphins team. Assuming that happens, then players might buy into Callahan’s routine. But there is some misinformation being spread that the team didn’t work hard with Gruden. They did. I’m most curious about Callahan’s practice regiment next week and for a few weeks down the road. 


@Placebo473 asks: How is it that laid back head coaches aren’t pushed by their assistant coaches to correct issues with their coaching style?

Love this question. It’s hard to reconcile all the changes this week and know that Callahan has been on staff in Washington since 2015. If he wanted things to look so different, did he ever talk to Gruden about it? It’s no secret that Gruden and Callahan were never best friends, and Callahan did push the offensive line in a manner different than the rest of the team. But at the same time, the O-line is one of the most penalized teams in the NFL. Maybe Gruden wasn’t approachable? Maybe Callahan didn’t want to approach, instead waiting for his turn to run the show? The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

@NeedSkrilla asks: If Kerrigan gets a sack, can he do something cool like Bosa did Monday night?

Probably not. Kerrigan has 86 career sacks and has gone for double digits the last three seasons, and yet, there haven't really been any cool sack dances. His go-to move is the Heartbreak Kid Showstopper, and I wouldn't expect much more than that. 

@Takkyamaguchi asks: Do you have the authority to hire @NickSundberg after his NFL retirement? If so, would he first have to intern for T for Talent @PeteHaileyNBCS ? Cc: @Mitch_Tischler

I have zero authority but will do everything possible to hire Sundberg when the time comes. He would never intern, but I wouldn't mind seeing another bear fight between him and our resident Big Man. 

It's always fun doing this. Until next week team - JP