Before this story does what it's supposed to do, which is convince you that three Redskins players very much deserve a spot in the 2020 Pro Bowl, two things must be said:

  1. While the Pro Bowl itself has become a joke — remember the last time you stubbed your toe? Congratulations, you survived a collision more serious than any you'll see in the NFL's all-star game — many players still care about being voted into the exhibition. That is especially true for first-timers, which the following three Redskins would be if they were to make it. It means they're being recognized by fans and peers, and for many, it also comes with a nice pile of cash. What takes place on the field in Orlando may not matter, but getting there does.
  2. The Redskins, as a collective team, are quite bad. Even with their recent two-game winning streak, they're still just 3-9 overall. That said, they have some really talented guys on their roster, guys who are some of the most elite at their respective positions. While the Redskins shouldn't have too much representation at the Pro Bowl, they absolutely should have a little, despite their general terribleness.

OK, now that those two statements have been made, let's move on.

These three Redskins have earned your Pro Bowl vote. Read why below, then head here to help send them to Orlando (voting closes on Dec. 12th).

Matt Ioannidis

At some point, people around the country will wake up to the fact that Matt Ioannidis is one of the more dominant interior linemen in pro football. Know what would make many wake up to the fact that Matt Ioannidis is one of the more dominant interior linemen in pro football? A Pro Bowl berth.

No. 98 is currently tied for the second-most sacks by a defensive tackle this year with 7.5. Jordan Phillips of the Bills also has 7.5, and only Aaron Donald has more with 9.5.

Ioannidis is one of the quieter guys on the Redskins, so he won't be campaigning on his own. His production is loud, though, and Redskins fans should do what they can to campaign for him.

Quinton Dunbar

Quinton Dunbar's transition from receiver to cornerback has been miraculous, and a perfect way to cap that journey off for Dunny would be to finish the year as a Pro Bowler.

The 27-year-old has four interceptions this season, tying him for second-most in the sport with a handful of other defenders. That stat does an excellent job conveying how effective he's been so far. So does this video:

This dude is a stud. He's worthy of votes. Lots and lots of votes.

Tress Way

Trying to get a punter to the Pro Bowl is something plenty of people do as a joke or a bit. But when it comes to Way, there's no joking and it's not a bit. He's the best at what he does.  

The lefty specialist leads the NFL in yards per punt at 49.9. He has just two touchbacks in 2019, and going back to 2018, he actually has just two touchbacks over his last 139 punts. Against the Panthers, he notched the longest punt of anyone this season.

Orlando is where folks go to boom it off the tee on the golf course. Way definitely belongs there so he can smash drives of a different variety.