The Redskins' refusal to trade away assets and embrace a full rebuild is wholly illogical yet completely believable. 

Even with a record of 1-7, the organization operates with a complete disconnect to their reality: They’re one of the worst teams in the NFL. 

This team has one playoff win in the last two decades and still points to Super Bowl victories and glory days that took place before the internet even existed. 

The Redskins are playing bad football with a roster that simply isn’t good enough to compete and yet the team seems content celebrating moral victories and congratulating themselves for playing hard. 

"We haven't put it together. We've made too many mistakes on game day. But the effort. The effort of the players and the rest of this organization is fantastic," Redskins Team President Bruce Allen said in early October. 

There's a problem, however, as playing hard is not enough. Not close to enough. Moral victories should be banned in Loudoun County. 

Allen fired Jay Gruden last month. The head coach started the year 0-5 and had only one playoff appearance in five seasons. His ouster was reasonable. 

But to think that one change was a panacea to fix the organization is laughable. A myth. In three games since Gruden was fired, the Redskins are 1-2 and haven't scored a touchdown in their last nine quarters of football. The lone win came against a historically awful Miami team and still that required a dropped last second two-point conversion to secure the victory.

Speaking of myths, this team is selling them internally if they actually think they're close to playoff-caliber football. 

One time, loudly for the folks in the back: THEY'RE 1-7. 

This team has made terrible decisions in free agency, highlighted by watching Kirk Cousins carve them up last Thursday night in Minnesota. And the team is on a similarly stupid franchise tag roadmap with Pro Bowl guard Brandon Scherff. 

Above all of it, there is a refusal to see reality in Ashburn that is robbing devoted Redskins fans of hope. 

Trade Trent Williams. Trade Ryan Kerrigan. Trade any player not on a rookie contract that will net a decent return. 

There is nothing to play for in 2019. NOTHING. Develop the young players and work towards building a real, sustainable winning team for the future. Have an identity. Have a plan. 

Bill Callahan seems like a fine man. Perhaps even noble. He has talked about accountability and demanding full effort in the weeks since he replaced Gruden as head coach.

Trent Williams legitimately hasn’t shown up in 2019. Hasn't even walked in the building. If accountability is the new demand, how can Williams stay on the roster? 

The Redskins need a full rebuild. They need to start completely over. 

Instead, they’re playing for wins in 2019 and convincing themselves that going “toe to toe” with other NFL teams are signs of progress.