With Trent Williams’ roster exemption expiring next week, the Redskins have placed the Pro Bowl tackle on the Non-Football Injury list, the team announced on Thursday. 

That means the team can keep Williams off the active roster without releasing him and have the option to withhold full payment of his 2019 contract at their own discretion. The NFI list also might be a tool to not have the 2019 season toll on Williams’ contract, but any movement of that sort by the Redskins would likely be challenged by the NFL Players' Association. 

Williams reported to the Redskins hours before the NFL Trade Deadline hit on October 29th, ending a months-long holdout that caused him to miss eight games in the process. Whatever goodwill Williams’ arrival to the team’s Ashburn headquarters brought quickly dissipated when the seven-time Pro Bowler failed a physical due to discomfort putting on a helmet. 

Things got worse once Williams finally addressed the media, the first time he’s spoken publicly since the holdout began over the summer. In a nearly 20-minute session taking questions from reporters, Williams explained that he felt he had been misdiagnosed by Washington’s medical staff and that “there’s no trust” with the organization. Various reports later provided different accounts of what Williams' claimed, but the damage was already done. 

In the last year, Williams was diagnosed with DFSP, a rare type of cancer that could be life-threatening. He was treated and is now cancer-free, but the ordeal changed his view of the Redskins, Williams explained. 


Sources also told NBC Sports Washington that despite returning to the team Williams would never play for the Redskins again. That came before the failed physical.

After Williams' comments, the Redskins requested a joint medical inquiry by the NFL and the NFLPA to review Williams' care from the Washington medical staff. Williams asked that the NFLPA deny the inquiry, and the union acted on behalf of their player's request.