The busiest media day of the Redskins season didn't happen before the team played the Cowboys on Thanksgiving with first place on the line. It didn't happen in the first practice after QB Alex Smith broke his leg. 

The busiest media day of the Redskins season happened on Wednesday, 24 hours after the team announced the addition of former 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster. 

A former first-round pick in San Francisco, the Niners released Foster this week after a second domestic violence arrest this season. It's the third arrest this season for Foster, and he already served a two-game suspension earlier this year.

The NFL moved Foster to the Commissioner's Exempt list on Tuesday, meaning he cannot play or practice with the Redskins until cleared by the league. 

So after all that and a social media riot, the Redskins players got a chance Wednesday to react to the addition of Foster. Below is a collection of reactions from a number of players on their new teammate.

Trent Williams: "That's above my pay grade, man. They could bring in who they want to bring in, and it's up to us to welcome whoever it is in with open arms and make them part of the team."

Chris Thompson: "I mean that a decision that Jay and Bruce, Dan all of those guys have made. From what I know Reuben has been a guy, he’s a young guy he’s made some mistakes. I don’t know whether some of the things are true or not. For me, if he goes through the legal process and everything and charges are dropped I’m going to accept him as my teammate and move on with him. I feel like Doug and those guys they went out and grabbed him for a reason. That’s not in my hands."


Ha Ha Clinton-Dix: "One thing I can say is people are looking for him to fall, people are looking for him to make more mistakes. But being a human, we all make mistakes and nobody's perfect. I just hope, man, I have high expectations for him when he walks into this building. I expect a lot from him. I expect for him to carry himself the correct way as a leader not only of the football team but this generation growing up period. I just expect him to come in, man, and do the right things."

Jonathan Allen: "I mean I'm definitely excited he gets another opportunity. Besides that, I can't really say too much about it. I mean I don't really know anything about the situation so I'm probably not the best person to talk to about it." 

Vernon Davis: "I feel like everyone should care about who’s in their locker room. But we also have to trust that the guys upstairs are making the right decision. That they’re making the best decision for the sake of the team, for the sake of the organization. I guess they’re doing their due diligence on everything as far as everything that happened. The feel like they’re taking a good chance, so I stay out of the way and support whatever it is they’re doing."

Shaun Dion Hamilton: "We actually all of us talked to him yesterday. We was excited. We were just happy to add him."