As the Redskins have an honest-to-goodness quarterback battle raging at training camp, each day of practice there will be an updated post on what passer won the day. 

RICHMOND — Aside from the Sunday practice where Dwayne Haskins was on fire, the Redskins quarterback battle down here has been a back and forth between the veterans. Thursday's practice featured moments for both Colt McCoy and Case Keenum, but in the end, you can give the edge to Keenum.

With that being said, while he may have won this particular session, he may have also revealed a key flaw that could hold him back from taking the overall job.

You probably know by now that Haskins has the strongest arm among the three vying to start in Week 1. McCoy and Keenum were thought to be pretty much even, yet so far, McCoy's arm appears to have more life to it.

For example, in one 7-on-7 play, Brian Quick broke open deep down the left sideline. Keenum made the right read, picked him out and lofted a pass to him. The ball had a lot of air underneath it, causing Quick to slow down and essentially stop to make the grab.

So, was it a chunk completion? Sure. With a better, stronger throw, though, that chunk completion turns into a huge touchdown.

That's what's meant by saying Keenum played the best on Thursday while also showing he may not be the best man for the job. Of course, arm strength is far from the only thing that'll decide this, but it'll be a factor.


Haskins will rarely need more zip on his ball and McCoy's solid with his intermediate to downfield looks. Keenum, on the other hand, seems to come up short the more he extends himself. In a race as tight as this, every difference like that is worth noting.

Day 7 QB Performance:

  1. Case Keenum
  2. Colt McCoy
  3. Dwayne Haskins