RICHMOND -- Colt McCoy came out firing on Monday, having perhaps his best snaps of training camp, before he got tripped up late in the session and didn't finish the practice. McCoy walked off the field fine, showing no noticeable limp or even hitch in his step, but a Redskins spokesperson said that the quarterback's scheduled press conference session would be moved back a day so he could receive treatment on his leg.

A Redskins spokesperson later explained that McCoy left practice early for "precautionary reasons."

Big picture, McCoy is probably fine, or at least no different than where he was prior to practice. That's the interesting part though because McCoy is still working back from a broken leg suffered last December. Washington coach Jay Gruden made clear that McCoy will be getting rest during training camp and the plan was that the quarterback would not work four straight days in a row to give his leg a break. 

Couple leaving practice early on Monday with the plan to take it slowly throughout camp, and it seems clear McCoy's leg is still an issue, even if a minor one. That comes less than 24 hours after the Redskins released their first depth chart where McCoy landed as the No. 1 quarterback. 

Gruden was very clear in pointing out that the first depth chart was meaningless and only a media obligation, but he's also said all along that McCoy had a real chance at starting for the Redskins come Week 1 in Philadelphia. McCoy knows the offense best, and that shows up in practice, particularly before the ball is snapped. 


With McCoy out for the end of Monday's session, Case Keenum and Dwayne Haskins both ran their normal two-minute drill to close out the session. They were joined by fourth QB Josh Woodrum running the drill too. Keenum had a pretty good day while Haskins struggled despite a few pretty deep balls. Woodrum only really worked in the final two-minute session.

Day 10 Redskins QB Performance:

  1. Colt McCoy* (left early)
  2. Case Keenum
  3. Dwayne Haskins

Redskins QB Situation:

Day 9: McCoy, Keenum, Haskins
Day 8: McCoy, Keenum, Haskins
Day 7: Keenum, McCoy, Haskins
Day 6: Keenum, Haskins, McCoy
Day 5: McCoy, Haskins, Keenum
Day 4: Haskins, McCoy, Keenum
Day 3: Keenum, Haskins, Woodrum
Day 2: Kennum, McCoy, Haskins
Day 1: Keenum, McCoy, Haskins

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