As the Redskins have an honest-to-goodness quarterback battle raging at training camp, each day of practice there will be an updated post on what passer won the day. 

RICHMOND -- The day Redskins fans waited for since the NFL Draft back in April arrived. Dwayne Haskins showed that he can be a special quarterback on Sunday, dialing in touch passes and throwing a few lasers as well. 

It was by far the best Haskins has looked in a Redskins uniform, and his teammates noticed too. 

Early in the practice session, Haskins called an audible at the line of scrimmage. In the past few days, those haven't gone well, and many line changes have resulted in false starts or sacks. This time, however, it worked well, as Haskins got the snap count right and fired a quick gainer down the right side. 

It was one play in July, but it showed that some of the mental stuff Haskins has struggled with might be turning a corner. Before any real celebrations start, Haskins needs to string days like Sunday together. If he can start doing that, then all of a sudden Washington has a different scenario in their QB battle. 

Haskins wasn't the only passer to excel on Sunday. Colt McCoy got most of the work with the first team and looked strong. Case Keenum saw a slightly decreased workload but still looked good. In fact, it's possible all three QBs had their best day of practice simultaneously, but the difference is Keenum and McCoy have had other good days. Haskins hadn't, until Sunday. 


Day 4 QB Performance

  1. Dwayne Haskins
  2. Colt McCoy
  3. Case Keenum